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But the world's oil giants are not convinced that it will work.
Many are reaping whatever they can sow, convinced the good times won't last.
Surely this magazine's readers don't need to be convinced.
Some primatologists are convinced that bonobos can learn to communicate with us on our own terms.
They weren't convinced their water was polluted, but they were desperate enough to try it as an experiment.
Not everyone on campus is convinced that a move to need-based aid would be wise.
Yet he seems quite convinced that the expansionist credo he once heard from an extremist settler is also, secretly, state policy.
But not all experts on corals and climate are convinced by the new study.
Convinced he was on the right track, he persevered in the face of adversity.
But customer interest convinced them there was a need for a retail native plant nursery.
The newspaper had further convinced him of the urgency of the birders' efforts.
But not everyone connected with the military is convinced that depleted uranium is risk-free.
Each group is convinced that the other dislikes and distrusts it.
They are not convinced that the new methane measurements are real and statistically valid.
But perhaps you're not convinced by these clever lab experiments performed mostly on undergrads.
With programmes for senior executives, the participants may be too convinced of their own leadership skills to learn much.
You're convinced he did it on purpose, and you start fuming.
Fox was convinced he'd be rumbled during the lecture.
He convinced the group to sing for a few research groups he was leading.
Not everyone is convinced the find is an example of a new human species.
He was puzzling over an animation of such a gear in action and convinced himself that it could be made in real life.
After an hour, he was convinced the plane had a serious problem.
Not all reformers are convinced that the market has wised up, however.
But this has not discouraged wine makers here, who remain convinced that they can make a sparkling wine as good as anybody's.
Such brushes with the law have convinced him to hide his research: he now keeps his data hidden in several locations around town.
Some scientists are convinced that advances in brain science have overturned the idea of free will.
Customers must be convinced that they can entrust their business to the software.
Others were convinced that moving forward meant recapturing the past, even if it led to bloodshed.
The similarity is so pronounced that not all are convinced at this point.
They're convinced painters are incapable of reason and oblivious to real-world matters.
We've undoubtedly left out a plane you're convinced belongs on the list.
Every war has its convinced and irreconcilable opponents.
Each group of guys was convinced their picture would be in the magazine.
Eventually, the protesters convinced the biker to let the bus go.
They convinced themselves they had made by far the right choice.
The net's top tech journalists and bloggers are not convinced.
Some even became convinced that intelligent beings existed there.
It had started with his hair, which he was convinced was falling out.
The big tech firms have convinced themselves that the health industry will be the next to embrace cloud computing.
But he's still convinced that making music with computers is the future.
Not everyone is convinced that the tie-up is worth celebrating.
He's obsessed with the monster, convinced it will come for him in the night.
Only if the sceptic can be convinced should a drug be licensed for use.
Although the evidence remains controversial, he is convinced that the radiation poses a risk to human health.
Many educators were convinced that introducing hyperlinks into text displayed on monitors would be a boon to learning.
Not everyone is convinced that computerised rubbish bins are the answer.
Convinced that the image is not a forgery, they then set out to confirm that it also isn't an accident.
However, after talking it up for a while, they convinced us tonight should be the night.
You'll need a lot of friends who can be convinced to cooperate.
She is convinced that it is a result of oil, as in pollution.
Not all experts, however, are convinced that dolphins use blood sugar in the same ways that humans do.
She often convinced herself that there was nothing wrong with her and that there was no need to take the medication.
Other times they are convinced that they know what is best and that they know how to build a faculty career.
The posts have not only made me laugh, and twitch, but also convinced me to accept that my family will never understand.
Second, the markets are convinced that muddling through cannot work.
Other forecasters are convinced that a global recession is inevitable.
Lenders and developers are convinced that they have struck gold.
Governments are as convinced as ever that they know best how to spend their citizens' money.
In the process, they appear to have become seriously convinced about the benefits of being green.
Some argue that the market has learned its lesson, although even the bankers do not sound all that convinced.
Nevertheless, both research teams are convinced they can make the leap within the next few years.
Investors do not seem convinced that euro-zone governments will be able to muster the political will to hammer out an agreement.
Finally, they became convinced that the receptors were really there, though not clustered in taste buds as they are on the tongue.
If it's convinced that our intuition is wrong, then it's capable of correcting or overriding the automatic judgments.
Excuse me if for not being convinced by your simple declarations contradicting other sources.
Interesting that the medical community is still not convinced, in general, that vision therapy does indeed work.
And he's still convinced, perhaps now more than ever, that he's discovered one of the great secrets of life.
It remains convinced that hydrogen fuel cells are the future.
He has convinced more than two hundred cities to change their policies for dealing with the homeless.
Please do not lump those of us who care to look at the science and related arguments, and are not convinced, with the others.
There is a time for doubting and a time for being convinced.
The disease is big business, and many have been convinced that managing it forever is their only option.
The meeting and the accident convinced him that he should use his visual talents rather than his mechanical ones.
Convinced that equities offered an attractive risk-reward ratio, they began bidding up the price of stocks.
Diabetes is big business, and many have been convinced that managing it forever is their only option.
And she was never completely convinced that her poems had any lasting value.
The public has been heavily propagandized along one definite theory of causation by those convinced by one level of information.
Americans may be convinced of their determination not to launch an aggressive or preventive war.
But in the months ahead, as they studied the feasibility of their plan, they became convinced it could work.
All the while, it gave a giant tax subsidy to mortgage interest that convinced people they were fools not to buy.
There, he treated hundreds of returning veterans with hypnosis, becoming ever more convinced of its effectiveness.
But not everyone is convinced that the results will bear up under scrutiny.
Most were convinced such efforts would be futile in sites so ancient.
But a forklift manufacturer that sent people to look at it isn't convinced.
The picture is powerful and appealing, but not all origin-of-life researchers are convinced.
One look at the sheer cliff of slippery, crumbling limestone convinced me that the climb was far beyond my capabilities.
He was convinced a lot of important physics might fall out of it.
These guys are careful, and would never jump up and down about a real effect unless they were truly convinced it was there.
Pretty much convinced that the autism spectrum disorders are genetic in origin.
So, basically, their arguments convinced me that my hypothesis was not likely to be a good description of what really happened.
Rather, he seemed truly convinced of what he said, which in turn could be explained only as the product of extreme isolation.
Convinced she was having an affair, he'd taken the next flight to check up on her.
Although each request is granted, the others are not convinced.
She is convinced that her motion has made real the nightmare that always flickers in the distance.
Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is proof that leaves you firmly convinced that the defendant is guilty.
While he was gone, she convinced the students to go on strike the following day to demand a better school.
Although scientists are convinced that nucleons are composed of quarks, a single quark has never been isolated experimentally.
It's obvious to those convinced that his accusers are schemers or puppets.
Terry's calm exterior and his conviction that things would resolve themselves convinced me to go where my heart was calling.
In other situations, the moms are convinced that life is evil or that the devil is after them.
But that could be an advantage: once he convinced enough potential first movers to act, the rest would follow.
Still, they're convinced that the idea deserves attention.

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