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If you're trying to convince your boss to let you telecommute, you quickly run into a data problem.
If there wasn't a general consensus or feeling about a cover up, these hoaxes wouldn't convince so many people.
They would be the ones to invest the big money into a propaganda campaign to convince less educated people that it was a hoax.
It was difficult to build trust and convince them to join my efforts.
He'd imagine he was talking to a studio audience, selling something, trying to convince them.
Maybe you can convince me there can be bubbles in individual securities.
Or it could convince whites that their needs also matter.
While the setting and the characters continually convince and intrigue, the novel seems somehow frozen, stylized.
The trouble is that such tales have to convince you on the supernatural level as well as on the mundane.
Ice cream sales aren't profitable, but you convince investors that they will be profitable in the future.
The drives still do pretty much the same thing, but now the makers have to convince you of their distinctions.
Only its absence would convince its detractors of its worth.
He also said the governor might use the state budget as leverage to convince the governing boards.
Not easy to realize, convince admin and so on, but still done in expectation of delayed but productive research collaboration.
In my experience, faculty members will always try to convince you to follow their own paths.
Not about finding ways to convince yourself that you're better than everyone else.
Being able to convince people my office is haunted so they leave me alone.
If he fails to convince in any part of his book, it is in his prescriptions.
Convince us you're ready to work at a small college.
Customers want the opportunity to convince themselves that new products are indispensable.
To convince the world, hes going to need a lot of energy.
If he could convince you to pull over and get out of your car to check a tire, you'd become easy prey.
It takes an enormous amount of energy to convince otherwise.
Convince the interviewer that you understand the job requirements and that you can succeed.
It was as if he was trying to convince anyone who was listening.
He did not need to hold any hearings or convince any colleagues.
It can be difficult, for instance, to convince a nomadic herdsman that anything is as valuable as his camels or his goats.
As voters go to the polls today, the candidates are stumping to get out the remaining votes and try to convince undecideds.
Later, parental criticism or punishment may convince him that the price he has to pay for his act is too high.
The iconic pitcher's lawyer is trying to convince jurors his client was tricked into lying under oath.
By far the best way of reducing the harm that drugs can do is to convince people not to take them.
Unrelenting pressure is applied to convince companies to sign up.
He knew that his propositions would not convince people unless his illustrations entertained them.
But nothing short of actually seeing a resident of the belt would convince astronomers that it really existed.
They fall back instead on authority to convince, which is fragile.
Her lecture today covered creative ways to convince corporations to buy and sell fish caught in a sustainable manner.
These results convince me that this is not so straightforward an explanation.
That's harder to convince people to enter into nowadays on a physicist's salary.
It may be because merely informing people of a fact does not mean you will convince them of its truth.
And you will no more convince the other side of their error than you could be convinced of yours.
The people we're trying to convince with the facts are those who are on the fence, not the deniers themselves.
But the inventor hopes to develop the device, and that the immediate feedback will convince people to change their transportation.
Acting does not prove that you are not shy, it only tries to convince people that you have everything under control.
Don't convince your selves in illusion of answers that have no value rather than simple observation of an effect of occurrence.
The efforts of dozens of agencies have failed to convince the people of many, many nations to limit their populations.
Why not complain about the insane amounts the smoking hot reps for these companies make to convince docs to use their products.
Pushy, know-it-all busybodies who cannot manage to peacefully convince others.
Then, so much space used to convince us about obvious, that original inventors often don't know the future use of invention.
The sooner they can convince people that herbs are bad and pills are good, the better.
When you let your intelligence convince people don't know what's best for them then you are anti democracy.
Nothing will ever convince you to look at the data or the science.
Mere facts and science will not convince some people, until it is too late.
Keep in mind, it's easier to convince people of complete falsehoods nowadays, what with the interwebs and all.
The role of science isn't to convince them they are wrong.
And you've allowed special interests to convince you not to trust yourself but instead cede control of your life to them.
So he planned a comprehensive, multivolume work to convince scientists and the world.
Schneider is trying to convince the board to amend its policy.
Well you can try to convince the judge that you only had two beers.
When times are good in financial markets, we're willing to convince ourselves that they're good for a reason.
Convince parents to use safety belts and straps whenever they are available to prevent children from falling.
At the end of the trial, in a closing statement, the prosecutor has one last chance to convince the jury the defendant is guilty.
The need to convince the skeptical led him to studies of so-called spontaneous generation.

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