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It was rigged with a leather conveyor belt that kept the fabric moving as it was being sewn.
Slightly larger zooplankton take advantage of this great conveyor of food.
The shrimp processing sheds, usually noisy with conveyor belts and rattling ice and voices sharing gossip and jokes, are silent.
There, eggs are placed on a conveyor, where they go through a washing machine.
After twenty minutes, each panel is laid on the dishwasher's conveyor belt and run through a scalding steam bath.
It rolls a few feet along a green conveyor belt, and stops.
Nearby, a ball on a conveyor belt continually climbs another ramp and then knocks down sets of newly manufactured pins.
Cows walk onto a conveyor belt where they are quickly killed by a six-inch bolt shot into the head.
The shunt is a conveyor belt that ensures the jellyfish's dominance, by drastically shifting the flow of energy around the ocean.
The deniers have the standard moving goalpost conveyor belt going here that all deniers of anything use.
For starters, one of the predictions of potential consequences of global warming is the interruption of the conveyor currents.
The simulated environment comes complete with robot arms for lifting packages off a conveyor belt and placing them on pallets.
Winter winds now drove the productivity conveyor that fed the squid on this coast, and that would continue until mid-spring.
The bag butterflies into two sections on the conveyor belt: the main pack and the padded computer sleeve.
Clearly discernible on the seemingly endless conveyor is another side of online bookselling.
The crushed rock falls onto a conveyor belt, which carries it to ships queuing up in the nearby harbour.
Lifting the weed out of the lake on conveyor belts and loading it into lorries is slow.
Air jets are then activated to push particular items from one conveyor belt to another, or into a bin.
Opera is a marvelous conveyor of realistic human emotions, but it may not be the best vehicle for portraying realistic daily life.
At the fulfillment center recently, one employee skated unsteadily down an aisle as the conveyor belt sat quietly.
The global conveyor belt is a strong, but easily disrupted process.
Research suggests that the conveyor belt may be affected by climate change.
When soliciting bids from conveyor venders, require them to deliver their supplies in pre-packaged belt move bundles.
Belt conveyor roller bearings are subjected to severe duty service.

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Useful, untrustworthy, as a conveyor of commerce; Then only a problem confronting the builder of bridges.... more
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