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They definitely keep your attention on the wheel, unlike many other forms of conveyance.
The varied means of conveyance illustrate the many recreational opportunities available on the lands along the route.
Education is the foremost conveyance of knowledge to help rebuff where appropriate and inform where necessary.
From still further up the river, the traders may furnish a conveyance for letters.
For all practical purposes, the value was in the conveyance and not in the thought conveyed.
Human ingenuity could not have invented a more wretched conveyance.
At an early hour to-day people were pouring into the city by every sort of conveyance.
The look-back period for a fraudulent conveyance claim is six years.
The elevator is a jerky conveyance that does not inspire confidence.
The effect is more sea creature than road-going conveyance.
Wright envisioned visitors driving their cars up an exterior ramp and handing them over to valets for conveyance to the bottom.
If your conveyance has been shut off for lack of payment, click here to find out how to remit payment.
Reclamation engineers maintain a database of water conveyance tunnels.

Famous quotes containing the word conveyance

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