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Body position, movement, and facial expression often convey a strong message.
The point being that a play doesn't necessarily have an obligation to convey a moral, social, or political message.
The telegraph always manages to convey the wrong message.
We need to create events that convey a message to reinforce our paid message.
It does convey the message, but is illogical in some places and constructed poorly.
The message they wanted to convey was it was better to eat more of some things than others.
The purpose of writing papers is to convey a message.
Whether it's right or not, the message the heels convey might not be the message you want the search committee receiving.
We distributed thousands of leaflets to convey the message that taking a dip could never ever wash away one's sins.
It so happens that my personal reaction was in line with what the designer intended to convey.
Colors, of course, can be a powerful medium to convey meaning and trigger emotions.
If you want to convey the true majestic nature of the underwater universe, wide angle is the way to go-the wider the better.
We need to convey a sense of urgency because the world is changing.
Each movement is supposed to convey the emotional influence a given planet has on people, based on their horoscopes.
These words will ultimately end up being the barest of reflections, devoid of the sensations words cannot convey.
Lobbied for by designers and musicians, it is intended to convey instant insouciance.
They convey impulses to the voluntary muscles, and are continuous from their origin to their peripheral distribution.
The cerebrospinal and sympathetic nerve fibers convey various impressions.
Whether higher neurons convey the pain impulses to the cortex through the internal capsule is uncertain.
It can convey many meanings to the reader, but never the right one.
The ureters are the two tubes which convey the urine from the kidneys to the urinary bladder.
And since this book isn't an animation, each image has to convey so much.
Dig for the deepest truth you can possibly find, and convey it with every resource at your command.
But that statistic doesn't begin to convey its psychic significance.
The news articles are not overly biased and try to convey the complex reality of, well, the news.
The reader says that he meant to convey the opposite.
Although these convey the big picture, they don't always give a clear picture of how the disease spread.
But you can convey information well with that structure.
Even with a few sentences, many people are able to convey a story about what's going on for them.
Out of that dynamic comes the panoply of displays used by males to convey reproductive desirability.
But that's not an easy sentiment to convey to users who feel their privacy has been violated.
Researchers develop software that compresses data, allowing real-time video to be used to convey sign language over mobiles.
We are looking for authors who can convey ideas with clarity and concision.
Watch a bit more, and the hesitant flicks and sags of their antennae seem to convey some kind of emotion.
People often use words to convey, not what the actual words mean, but a sentimental meaning.
Perhaps, but they have no other option, they must convey their needs to us.
It is therefore not known what evolutionary advantage, if any, the psychiatric sequelae of infection convey to the pathogens.
How does this little fellow convey to several million others, buried several feet underground that it is time to emerge.
In the near future those stares will let us do more than merely convey anger to our silicon friends.
As it is, trying to convey real science on this and certain other sites is something of a fool's errand.
Text-based conversations do not allow us to appropriately convey our emotions.
But writing is also more than a means to convey content.
The last thing you want to convey to search committees is desperation or rage.
She is a magnificent writer, able to convey science with a poetic grace.
As you prepare your answers to typical interview questions, consider the talking points you want to convey.
Perhaps it is time for someone to learn and convey your history.
Both approaches reduce the films' conductivity--the ability to convey charge--and capacitance--the ability to store it.
But it cannot be used to hold and convey any information.
Later, when he told the story, he attempted to convey the awfulness of what she had given him.
The group's lyrics convey a fascination and a loathing for technology.
Even on a tiny scale, the picture does convey the horror of crisscross warfare.
For it does seem almost incredibly that she can convey it with so many shades and impulses that are accurate, revealing and true.
In the book you convey this somewhat ethereal thing about her.
He was fascinated by the haiku of taxicab communication-the way drivers and dispatchers succinctly convey locations by radio.
He weaves a special magic between an otherwise ordinary jacket using simple words to convey something profound.
Seriously, when words and pictures and comparisons do not convey the magnitude.
Some teachers are only able to convey their own math anxiety.
Previews never convey the reality of the movie-going experience.
These are not difficult edits but they convey a much more accurate sense of what science and what scientists do to the reader.
With one or two exceptions, the chosen papers convey an impression of economics as a tidy, coherent discipline.
One reason to visit it is that the original prints convey so much more than the reproductions.
Words unfortunately fail to convey its intrinsic magic.
It is the meter, two three syllable fragments that convey meaning.
Both, however, were subject to intense pressure to convey the regime's views.
These signals do not always convey accurate information and their interpretation is often idiosyncratic to the employer.
These paintings convey a clear-eyed, almost hyper-realistic vision of pain, suffering and evil.
Also, many of the players grew up in an environment which does not adequately convey the value of education.
It's not possible to convey the emotional impact of the photo in words.
She couldn't look fresher, dance better or convey more emotional intensity.
If liberties are to be taken in such lines as this, they must convey their meaning.
But they didn't convey the feeling they had when they were new.
Brown wanted to convey that the relationship from now on would be strictly business.
Small household items convey the enormity of the tragedy.
With a patrician demeanor that can convey both hauteur and charisma, she is the paragon of the city's haute bourgeoisie.
It's normal for people to become attached to objects that they believe convey their sense of self.
The system is not, at any time, intended to convey approval or clearance to proceed into a runway.

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