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Make sure you wear long sleeves and convertible long pants.
If you're only driving to the store, you're wasting your money on the convertible.
We rapidly harvest the fatty acids, which are then readily convertible into the main components of jet fuel.
She was riding in a convertible and her top was down.
With a tight sweater and gel-smeared hair, he offers his body for only twenty convertible pesos a night.
Third comes the peso convertible, a piece of scrip with a value pegged to that of the dollar.
The plan was to keep him there until the stadium filled, at which point he would ride across the field in a white convertible.
Rear overhang turns the convertible sofa into a trampoline at highway speeds.
For one thing the yuan is not fully convertible, so it cannot be an anchor currency.
Costs are still higher in the convertible-bond market.
The last of those is temporarily convertible into budgets and reform.
Currencies were not freely convertible, and imports were subject to licences and quotas.
The currency is not fully convertible, so capital flows in and out of the country are controlled.
But this will not be an option for years, and certainly not before the yuan becomes fully convertible.
To the extent that the dollar falls, other convertible paper currencies have to rise.
But if the yuan is made convertible only when it has reached its equilibrium level, it may no longer appreciate with certainty.
Dollars were used as reserve currency, with the understanding it would be convertible to gold.
The only value it has is in its promise to be convertible, at some point in the future, into a good or a service.
The sunroof often is touted as the next best thing to a convertible.

Famous quotes containing the word convertible

Herein is the explanation of the analogies, which exist in all the arts. They are the re-appearance of one mind, working... more
But every jet of chaos which threatens to exterminate us is convertible by intellect into wholesome force. ... more
Every word we speak is million-faced or convertible to an indefinite number of applications. If it were not... more
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