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It's home to a type of acetic acid-producing bacteria called acetobacter, which will convert your wine to vinegar.
These two ligaments convert the sciatic notches into foramina.
Every convert to the admiration of the real poet or orator is the cause of some new conversion.
Forward-thinking companies are starting to figure out ways to convert their logos to tools of engagement.
Tall smokestacks tend to convert local air pollution into regional acid rain.
Only the organization can convert the specialized knowledge of the knowledge worker into performance.
In nature, only certain rare decomposition fungi can convert coumarin to the anti-coagulant molecule.
Another teams up with unrelated bacteria species and uses sulfate to convert the greenhouse gas into energy.
Deep in the sun's core, nuclear fusion reactions convert hydrogen to helium, which generates energy.
Hydroelectric plants built from bank to bank harness the power of water and convert it to electricity.
The digestive system is the series of tubelike organs that convert our meals into body fuel.
The new cells modify fiber optics with nanotechnology and dyes that convert light to energy.
Photovoltaic devices, or solar cells, directly convert solar energy into electricity.
Others have suggested that the pigments may help the zooxanthellae convert light energy to food in darker environments.
Convert our current health care system into a national health plan.
These are all necessary to facilitate the exact degree of latent heat required to convert the opium into vapor.
But you'll probably need to convert your home videos to watch them.
Select the amount of points to convert and transfer to the airline program.
Remove the seats and the seat hardware, unless you intend to convert the camper back into a van at some point.
But they can try to convert the unchurched, provided that a soldier lends them a willing ear.
They convert a stylistic virtue into a vice, then lock us up in an addiction.
Unfortunately, it is expensive to convert all that sunshine into electricity.
He thought the temperatures and pressures of the mantle would convert carbonates and water into hydrocarbons.
The electrolyte is stored in an external tank and pumped through the battery's cells to convert chemical energy into electricity.
The stimulus package allows firms to convert the tax break into upfront payments.
There are plenty of scientists with such notions, but they are seldom in a position to convert their visions into reality.
The best way to do that is to create a layer of debt that regulators can write off, or convert into equity, if necessary.
Such valuations are sensitive to the choice of discount rate used to convert future pension payments into today's money.
Now a few enterprising engineers are looking to convert our restlessness into electricity.
High-fructose corn syrup is corn syrup treated with amylase and other enzymes, which together help convert glucose into fructose.
New catalysts convert glucose into a valuable chemical feedstock.
The added thallium doubled the material's ability to convert heat into electricity by increasing the voltage that it produces.
If you can convert a fraction of that, you can power a device.
When the system is used to make movies, software programs and a team of animators convert the data into an animated character.
If the silicon is made thinner than it is now, it may still retain its ability to convert the photons it absorbs into electricity.
We also need to convert all internal combustion vehicles to natural gas and gasoline hybrids.
The result: the active materials in the panels absorb more light, and convert more of it into electricity.
Or robots in the field that could grab a plant and convert it to power.
To efficiently convert light into electricity, organic cells currently require two carefully interlaid polymers.
These systems convert kinetic energy into electricity as the train slows down.
In conventional vehicles, shocks convert the vertical motion caused by running over a bumpy road into heat.
The cells can also convert the precursor into a second chemical, called an activator, which actually guides pigmentation.
Radiation, cigarette smoke, and pollution can all convert various molecules into free radicals.
Convert the laser directly back to electricity with no heat losses.
Today that is done by large devices that first convert all the optical signals to electronic ones.
And it becomes harder to convert it to something else, because it belongs to a different lineage than some other kind of machine.
Both of these are somewhat subjective, however, so a little work needs to be done to convert them.
Now, you can convert from one sort of energy into another.
It would take decades to recover the costs needed to convert to such systems and they're not nearly as efficient as nuclear power.
He further notes that genetic engineering will produce fish that grow faster and convert feed to meat more efficiently.
Solar panels typically convert sunlight into electricity or heat.
To convert the rotation of wind turbines into electricity efficiently, however, generators require a single turning speed.
Baker, however, suggested how someone could convert his unit into a research-grade instrument.
Toward that end, the researchers used photovoltaic cells to convert some of the sunlight into electricity.
So why not decommission all our fossil fuel producing power plants and convert them to clean energy producing power plants.
In the finely divided state oxygen or other oxidizing agents convert it to a metabolizable form.
Not having to carry about a large energy store and the means to convert that into useful mechanical energy saves a lot of weight.
Make them put themselves out of business and convert their money into our next energy system world wide.
Then you have to convert it into a transportable form.
They convert treadles and wheels into wall hangings, and redo drawers as plant holders or decorative boxes.
In the body, insulin helps convert food into cellular energy.
We do not convert those figures into terms of the number of offenses per unit of population for individual cities.
Thus changing a single numeral in the code will convert a taxable product into one that is not subject to tax.
When submitting motion to convert, order should be forwarded to the court as an e-mail attachment.
The user can select the files to convert, the frequency range of the data desired, and the output path.
For your convenience, you may convert energies online below.

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