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Conversion in a tight housing market has provided the entrepreneurial incentive to supply more than the minimal improvements.
Better technology has stimulated demand, resulting in more energy being purchased for conversion into light.
The blackness could soak up nearly all the sunlight shined on it, making the light available for conversion to electricity.
Although single-crystal cells offer high conversion efficiencies, they are expensive to make.
As with any remodel, a garage conversion requires a building permit and must meet local codes.
The new venture will do everything from install the conversion kits to fuel the vehicles.
Remington's conversion took effect earlier this month.
Until recently the conversion was made using copper wire.
The world is still a long way off from large-scale conversion from fossil fuels to hydrogen for its energy needs.
As such, the widespread conversion of peat bogs into commercial uses around the world is serious cause for alarm.
The physical extent of land conversion for human activities is only part of the story, however.
The cornerstone of this conversion is a diesel engine.
After considerable delay, the digital television conversion is actually going to happen.
The reason that this form of solar power is preferred over direct conversion is, of course, energy storage.
The basic principle of wind turbine operation is the conversion of the kinetic energy of moving air into electrical energy.
We only have a couple hundred years of coal and uranium reserves and as sault says conversion to renewables are inevitable.
In many cases a long intellectual preparation for conversion took place within other churches.
He clearly underwent a conversion of sorts, and he's now a firm believer in online learning.
What no one is sure about is what is doing the conversion.
The major threat to this region is deforestation brought about by logging and land conversion for agriculture.
It is useful to examine the impacts of a monolithic energy conversion strategy using various energy conversion technologies.
The conversion process also produces oxygen and water for backup life-support supplies.
They'll have to do the conversion to the four-point scale, set up the calculation, etc.
But talk of a right-wing conversion is oversimplified.
Conversion of natural habitats to agriculture presents another threat.
In that case, conversion experiences are simply a symptom of a wider problem.
Between these two, you can pretty much wave goodbye to video conversion.
Rates of conversion and intermarriage are at all-time highs.
Diverting food for fuel, argues a band of scientists, drives the conversion of forests to farmland.
Most people interested in such a conversion are doing it for the sake of the environment, not their pocketbooks.
Two years later he promised a public-sector pay freeze as part of his broader conversion to austerity.
Students may need to convert measurements using the conversion calculator.
The author of this article erred in the units conversion of the volume of magma in the surge.
In both cases, the conversion may not preserve all the original formatting.
Land-use conversion regulations have also been tightened in an effort to reduce unrest provoked by unfair seizures of land.
Responsible for its downturn: conversion of sagebrush habitat to agriculture.
Conceivably, drugs that make more of these proteins could jump-start a conversion of white fat cells to brown fat cells.
Conversion kits are a great way to go because they are cheaper than buying the components separately and are easy to find online.
While logging has been extensive, urban development and land conversion has so far been minimal.
Afforestation is the conversion of land that was not historically forested into a forest.
The conversion process can be tweaked to minimize tailpipe pollution.
After conversion they could make twenty trips for that price.
Conversion into a cult is done by dynamic interactions.
The area is subject to various overlapping concessions, including preliminary licences for conversion to palm-oil plantations.
But they weren't normal when it comes to conversion into ethanol-they were much better.
As one might predict, the conversion has been less than a total success.
The conversion to lean manufacture in its factories has spurred a need for ever-more sophisticated logistics.
Conversion cells can even be produced using microchip production methods.
Every convert to the admiration of the real poet or orator is the cause of some new conversion.
Prior to his conversion, he had had almost no education.
He ran in a two-point conversion to tie the game, unwittingly suggesting that running back might be a more natural position.
Logging, development, and agricultural conversion have largely eliminated the ecosystem from the region.
There are no official estimates of how much the conversion will cost, but it will not be cheap.
We really want it to be the gold standard of how you do a conversion.
It is pure reification, the conversion of abstract ideas into things.
But none of those steps came remotely close to the kind of conversion that would be required to reach a final agreement.
But we're not doing the debt-into-equity conversion.
School buildings-of doubtful value for conversion to other uses-could often serve this purpose.
The capital conversion is its third bail-out in four months.
Enzymes are the first tool of choice in white biotechnology if the chemical conversion process is a fairly simple one.
At one end of the thermometer, an exporter might delay the conversion of his legitimate foreign-exchange earnings.
Most satisfying of all, sales had increased by two-thirds since his conversion, and profits had doubled.
It is making more local currency available for conversion into dollars for debt repayment.
Cells with slightly better conversion rates are available, but they are heavier.
Nobody thinks the brutal generals have undergone some miraculous conversion.
And within the same store the conversion rate will vary in different sections.
But it all starts with the marketing pitch, geared toward your best conversion rates possible.
Still the gaps should be filled--not for conversion, but for our own curiosity.
One step in the process is conversion, in which the uranium is blended with other chemicals and turned into a gas.
Up and down conversion could help, but what's really needed is exploiting nano-effects and possibly different materials.
There's a limit on the conversion efficiency of a conventional solar cell.
In addition, the excess heat from the process can then be used to pre-heat water for conversion to steam for spinning turbines.
Site-based variance in conditions demands a variety of technologies for local generation and conversion.
Enclosed solar conversion systems are expensive and difficult to manage.
Renewable petroleum is a bad idea because of its poor energy conversion efficiency.
To be convincing, this is best settled on the solar energy conversion factor.
The grid will be fine during this first generation of electric car conversion.
You'll get substantial second-law conversion loss, however you do that conversion.
Next comes processing, the conversion of the metals into usable alloys designed for end use.

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