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We're looking for complex questions that will generate new ideas, new visions and new conversations.
Reflecting general trends in broadcasting, the bulk of the material comes from conversations and interviews.
Clumping is a community event and the conversations during the clumping are the glue that keeps us together.
My living room seemed to echo with hushed tones and halted conversations.
The three couples even considered publishing a book of their conversations.
What our taped conversations helped me realize was that my dad was every bit the soldier that his father was.
At dinner, some of the guests mentioned it to each other, but there were no conversations about it.
And now for a few words upon the scene where these interviews and conversations are supposed to occur.
Not only politics was the subject of their conversations, but also their domestic life.
The conversations are reported in a spirited and characteristic manner.
Happier people have more meaningful conversations.
Once upon a time, humans could not hold conversations or sing songs together.
Training rides are filled with conversations about weight lost or gained and the latest diet regimens and food fads.
But all conversations, and all relationships, reflect a combination of hierarchy and connection.
The technology has been incorporated into audio chips and game consoles and may someday enhance cellular-phone conversations.
Then, they should be able to pick it out when immersed in the midst of two or more conversations.
Important facts from conversations can be remembered and the same stories are not repeated over and over again.
Are engaged in monitoring and conversations on a theme of protection of an environment.
Which could mean an end to curtailed conversations on a phone with a dying battery.
It was only the saved voice mail messages that were being retrieved, not actual phone conversations.
It is too bad that some people spend much of their time destroying other people's conversations online.
It alters the way they live, it finds its way into their conversations, its the basis for their value system.
Use topics in stories as starting points for conversations about such intangibles as sharing, friendships, and emotions.
The murmur of their conversations, spiked by occasional roars of laughter, lasted deep into the nights.
Then ask them to write their conversations in the form of dialogues.
We hold conversations with them as if they were people.
As other patrons become engrossed in conversations or the paper, calmly lift the camera to your eye and make your exposure.
But then, as in many conversations on the border, the rhetoric calms down.
Their conversations focused on the stark differences in the burials.
If you stop talking then little conversations will break out, and then full-fledged laughter and debates.
New technology allows scientists to eavesdrop on conversations of killer whales.
We've been really pleased by their ability to reproduce the language and have conversations.
Something else calls them on, and during our conversations, a few themes come up repeatedly.
Many people have conversations with their dogs, trying to reason with them.
Newspapers had got hold of, and printed, private phone conversations.
It was in connection with these probes that telephone conversations were tapped.
Granted, tapes of suspicious conversations are not necessarily enough to convict someone in a court of law.
The report is based on conversations with soldiers in garrison towns.
He chats with soldiers, cooks and a novelist, recording their conversations and snapping photos along the way.
It is no longer about push advertising or interrupt messaging, it now about conversations and engagement with your customers.
The corridor conversations at these shindigs are often more useful than the formal presentations, say the authors.
Covertly recorded conversations and videos have become a tactic to discredit rivals.
It often starts conversations at airports or on trains.
Further conversations between the two are expected over the weekend.
Marketers routinely track shoppers as they make their way around supermarkets and listen in on their conversations at the counter.
His books are fat with illustrations and examples, drawn from his erudition and his conversations with statesmen and merchants.
We could yell to each other, but that got old when you competed with seven other conversations.
Those conversations revealed to me the difference between principle and the debt one owes to family.
TV also gave me common ground for casual conversations.
Between the meetings are hallway conversations or talks in the cafeteria, where nearly everyone eats nearly every day.
Whole conversations are presented in the text without the reader's being able easily to determine where they come from.
In a number of phone conversations, she regales me with stories about her family and upbringing.
As conversations made clear, they were concerned not about discrimination but about appearing unfeminine.
Parts of the audio are difficult to discern because several conversations from the different patches are going on simultaneously.
Whether in print, online or by mobile device, our unique and fact-based content drives the nation's conversations.
If you have enough data about commonplace conversations, you can even predict when those conversations are going to take place.
They support file attachments, and conversations can be organized in groups.
Scholars turn monographs into digital conversations.
New hires represent opportunities to develop new programs, and they bring fresh ideas and conversations.
While education should figure centrally in conversations about economic recovery, they never seem to at the national level.
Anxiety about job prospects percolated at panels and in hallway conversations.
The groups plan to publish a report and recommendations that emerged from the day of conversations.
Those who prefer to read and reply to conversations through a website can do so using a familiar, threaded discussion format.
The subsequent conversations about why can be really useful.
Presumably you occasionally have conversations apart from the evils of diversity.
He made a habit of correcting students who used the word, and lamented the linguistic sloppiness in hallway conversations.
You'll learn more this way, and people will feel that your conversations are a two-way street.
There are also ethical elements of professional subjects that need to be integrated into broader intellectual conversations.
The characters can't get any kind of rhythm going, but the actors hold the bumpy conversations in tension.
Thus their conversations began every evening beginning at twilight.
Casual conversations among colleagues can prove surprisingly fruitful.
But imagine a computer that records all conversations it hears between humans.
Today, almost all conversations with him inevitably double back to the subject of solar power.
That's because the messages use air time far more efficiently than voice conversations do.
Meaningful conversations can't occur unless people take turns speaking and listening.
Nonetheless, these simple gambits can produce surprisingly intelligent-seeming conversations.
Imagine for a moment a huge auditorium filled with people carrying on hundreds of individual quiet conversations.
They find the regions of our collective mind-set where honest, open conversations aren't being held.
We can have real-time conversations over the computer networks of today.
Most of my information comes from conversations with these people.
Nature is probably full of such hidden conversations, spoken in rumbles and tremors.
Your comments are far too often offensive and/or disruptive of and irrelevant to conversations on the site.
That's sorta the theme of an interesting series of posts and online conversations recently.
There are trends, all too easily discernible, in dinner conversations.
It doesn't keep him out of many conversations, though.
He's an expert listener, overhearing conversations that enable him to rub off his rough edges and advance his interests.
As you write in your author's note, you've re-created dialogue, changed or imagined details and compressed conversations.
This, for some reason, made everyone in the elevator pause in their conversations and look at me in a strange way.
She would interview them, and these conversations got transcribed for story ideas.
And you felt that there were delicious conversations taking place at every table.
It is a spasm of regret that goes unmentioned by police and lawyers alike in my conversations with them.
Police seizure of therapy tapes is rare, because ordinarily conversations between patients and therapists are secret.
Before digital-cell-phone technology became common, listening in on cell-phone conversations was done with scanners.
My ears catch less and less of conversations, and my eyes have weakened, though they are still insatiable.
His new system did not allow the interviewers the luxury of free-ranging conversations with the recruits.
Some conversations were mediated by translators, others by village elders.
Crowley is not troubled about reporting these confidential conversations.
In our conversations, he had seemed smart and affable.
Some conversations are difficult to have, especially when they challenge conventional thinking.
But the unending flow of feel-good conversations was worth the extremities-freezing trek over to the restaurant-bar last night.
Conversations about film, the bad and the beautiful.

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