conversationalist in a sentence

Example sentences for conversationalist

Lisping, stuttering and effete, he was considered a fine conversationalist and companion.
But even as winning a conversationalist as he cannot carry the ball forever, and there came a lull.
He was not much of a conversationalist and enjoyed watching human interactions as much as participating in them.
He is a ready conversationalist, and speaks six languages quite fluently.
Among his colleagues he gained a reputation as a wit, conversationalist, and eccentric.
Well-known as a brilliant and witty conversationalist, she had wide-ranging contacts in literary and political circles.
Has been a preservationist and a conversationalist all her life.
He was of pleasing address, and an interesting and forcible writer, as he was an engaging conversationalist and speaker.
She is a sparkling conversationalist, and has traveled extensively.
Not only is she a great conversationalist, but they spend the night together.
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