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Sometimes as two people typed out a conversation, with the slight delay that entailed, dialogue overlapped.
The casual comfort of the two chairs seems to invite relaxation and intimate conversation.
Few foliage plants prompt as much conversation as coleus.
The dining room walls inspire lively, rowdy meals with good conversation.
But moving the conversation online means that far more people can take part.
Face to face also adds a level of honesty to the dynamics of the conversation that the digital world does not yet capture.
In fact diplomacy's never-ending private conversation ultimately helps see off war and strife.
But this is secondary relative to the need for a global conversation and then subsequently global policy action.
Readers can listen into the conversation by registering here.
It is difficult enough to convince them of an argument as part of the normal cut-and-thrust of political conversation.
For many, speculating about the future can be an enjoyable conversation.
The effort to scale back labour power has generated a broader conversation about the role of labour unions in the economy.
It seems to me that the entire conversation is based on the premise that the current economy is still based on capitalism.
Children's books have joined house prices and private education among the staples of dinner-party conversation.
It's serves a good reason to engage in a conversation.
During lulls in the action, players can dig into the backstory of various characters through conversation prompts.
There is, for instance, conversation with strangers.
Everyone's eyes are red from the smoke, and conversation is getting weaker and weaker.
Nor, in spite of cartoons to the contrary, does good taste permit conversation during the performance or during the overture.
We talk sometimes of a great talent for conversation, as if it were a permanent property in some individuals.
They entered into conversation with him, and finding him apt for their purpose, induced him to join their rebellion.
In all conversation between two persons tacit reference is made, as to a third party, to a common nature.
When the mouth is but slightly opened, as during ordinary conversation, the movement is confined to the lower of the two joints.
There's no pretense of intimacy with their audience, so there's no conversation to spoil.
She divulges her seating strategy for keeping the conversation going.
The result was a wide-ranging and thought-provoking conversation.
They work beautifully when people can't find any way to end a bad conversation.
Sometimes that message is delivered without any conversation.
Good listeners let the speaker control the conversation.
In all the conversation on this topic, let's not lose sight of the people this affects and the challenges they face.
Call a large company these days, and you will probably start by having a conversation with a computer.
The scenario in the park had required no conversation, no prior acquaintance and no expectation of future interaction.
They also precede words used for the first time in a conversation.
Eye contact is a key element of polite conversation.
More disconcerting, he may not be able to conduct anything remotely resembling a normal conversation.
For years they spent their afternoons in conversation, thinking up deceptive scenarios and examining each other's decisions.
They could insert a gene better than they could insert themselves into a conversation.
The fact remains that the conversation is about the health benefits of fasting.
In a typical speed-dating event, participants pair off at individual tables and chairs for a few minutes of conversation.
People who are asked to keep something private are more likely to mention it or allude to it in some way in a conversation.
Get tips for don't-miss destinations and activities, share your own secret spots, and join the conversation.
Focus the student conversation on the local environmental problem you chose.
He also opened email and turned up the volume on a television while engaged in conversation.
Try avoiding a conversation with the interviewee by simply asking the questions and making no comments to his or her answers.
Ecotourism works to combine travel with educational opportunities on sustainability and conversation.
Have a conversation about the seasons--whether you live where there are four seasons or two.
When the conversation turned to uni, my jaw dropped.
Bottom line, being able to customize your food is one of the secrets to a great dinner party with lively conversation.
There, the parsing of barbecue's savage and cannibalistic undertones is an intriguing line of conversation.
Our lunches were a fitting prelude to the conversation that followed.
If you've had enough of conversation hearts, try real ones.
There were mountains of food sitting on the table-enough crudités, pâtés, and rillettes to keep the conversation flowing.
Nowadays this wouldn't even provoke a pause in the conversation.
Sam kept up her part of the conversation from the galley, where she was working away.
Here is a transcript of this part of the conversation.
To anyone interested in the intersection of film and games, the conversation is fascinating.
And, on the cover of a tabloid or in the box above a cable-news anchor's head, they do not appear to be part of a conversation.
What's impossible to write down, soon afterward, is a conversation that comes easily.
When making small talk with locals, he peppers the conversation with curious details.
T-ing, as this mode of conversation is called, is easier and clearer for some than talking.
Presently the mouths of the figures open and shut, after the mode of ordinary conversation.
The interviewers chatted with the recruit for fifteen minutes and then came to a decision based on the conversation.
Unlike chimpanzees, only humans can engage in bidirectional conversation in which information is exchanged for its own sake.
Any conversation with students or schoolchildren will produce a startling checklist of anxieties.
Voice recognition that finally holds up its end of a conversation is revolutionizing customer service.
Instead, there has to be a conversation, an exchange of tweets.
It's an automatic mechanism for grouping a conversation, after all.
For example, in the course of a conversation about meeting for dinner, a user might want to search for the nearest pizza place.
They'll try out recipes the students have brought from home and then settle down for dinner and conversation.
The software keeps up a running conversation, making the system answer questions regularly to stay connected.
But once the conversation was steered toward inflation, every hand would shoot up.
If they failed to stop talking, it would place the conversation on hold.
The cafeteria pulses with rock music, shouted conversation, and the sounds of geeks slurping free gourmet food.
He woke them up right away, and they started carrying on some kind of conversation with him.
Our courtship was conducted face to face or through late-night telephone conversation.
For one thing, raising a camera to your face can drastically change the flow of conversation.
It's one thought that never went beyond a blue-sky conversation among his venture capital colleagues.
It's more importantly about being able to present ourselves in multiple ways depending upon the venue, conversation and audience.
Presumably, they are able to use various cues such as the topic of conversation and the inferred emotional state of each speaker.
Even if the colleague mentioned no problems related to gender, she might welcome the conversation.
But there's much about this conversation that's fleeting, incomplete and evasive.
They'll take your questions and ours, and will join us all afterward for a reception and conversation.
Conversation between two robots drifts into flirtation and philosophy.
He isn't willing to be a social partner, a conversation partner, he isn't willing to express any respect for her.
People who were not gentlemen were to be frozen out of the conversation completely.
He can go to a commercial and end the conversation whenever he likes.
It would be incredible if he was still coherent enough to have a conversation.
Reading or even holding a conversation is a challenge.
There's a clink of cutlery, a murmur of appreciative conversation from the dining room.
What troubles me is how much our cultural conversation is being impoverished by a reluctance to face up to reality.
If anything good came from this, it's the subsequent conversation that followed.
If it were, the conversation would have been over years ago.
No looking at other students, no entertaining others conversation by even appearing to listen.
Well, those certainly are central issues to the conversation.
The conversation is animated, but if you could eavesdrop on it, all you'd hear would be occasional grunts and squeals.
The official spoke on condition of anonymity to describe a private conversation between the president and the governor.
The conversation would return to the latest twist in the peace process.
But as he left the dinner that night he made a point to remember the conversation: there might be consequences down the road.
The performance and the band is really a conversation between two people.
The real lesson of this overheard conversation was not its specific content but the fact that it could be heard at all.
It made for a lobotomy session of conversation, since few things are more boring than hucksters talking about their brand.
It's the side of him that loves the limelight and accounts for the swagger that creeps into his conversation.
Joseph was not interested in pursuing a conversation.
At times, one overheard snippets of conversation among the legal teams about their lives outside the courtroom.

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