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Now there's been a lot of convergence, particularly in the micro side of things.
For example, blacks and whites agree that there has been a convergence in the past decade in the values held by blacks and whites.
The convergence of thinkers has led to noteworthy outcomes.
Biological evolution and common ancestry are real and proved by the convergence of the sciences.
In loosening up, the government recognized the convergence of economic progress and cultural and individual innovation.
The convergence of these factors could have catastrophic results.
These developments point to a convergence between virtual worlds and social networks.
The convergence of biology and engineering is turning health care into an information industry.
Moreover, digital convergence allows a company with a strong brand in one area to move more easily into another.
The moment of convergence with the leaders, which once seemed within easy reach, retreats into the future.
The use of social media is heading towards the convergence of our virtual and real selves.
The convergence of government-bond yields that was spurred by the euro's launch has thus been sharply reversed.
The convergence of different industries has also led to a culture clash.
One feature of the early days of the euro was convergence.
And the convergence between the worlds of television and computing were apparent in other ways too.
In effect these were personal bets, now looking ill-judged, on the convergence of the forint with the euro.
Clever engineering and marketing solution to a tough convergence problem.
The practical debates typically have more convergence.
Both of our debaters agree that the euro has not promoted economic convergence, as many had hoped.
It is not merely a product of convergence, technology's latest buzz word used to describe the combining of existing technologies.
The convergence of science upon political concerns is inconvenient but necessary.
It is interesting to read that a convergence of ideas may be under way.
The concept of convergence involves the marrying of the physical and digital access controls.

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