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The tracks of the squid and the whale converge, are lost as they move into the band of fish, and pop out of the jumble.
At the police station the roads of the tramp and the tough again converge.
Upon him as a focus converge all rays of influence from the inclosing world.
Historical importance and giddy wonder converge in.
When you get closer, you see that each horizontal section is made up of two pieces that converge in a right angle.
Those fast-approaching limits will converge before lunch.
Where computers' processing ability and our intelligence will eventually converge is anyone's guess.
Speculators quickly root out opportunities, and prices converge.
Spirits writers and apocalyptic cults seem to converge on this point.
The circuitry of our brains does not all converge on one point where the essence of ourselves can sit and ruminate.
And at the crossroads, where multiple filaments converge, are clusters of galaxies: the cosmic megacities.
Science and policy must converge to implement meaningful climate change solutions.
The complex models are not to be trusted for details, but they generally converge on the bulk predictions.
Photons converge due to mutual gravity, so that the distant stars are not as distant as they appear.
One of which there is a wide variety of lab experiments that converge on similar results.
Of course, all of these processes may converge more or less, and at time produce more or less insightful experiences.
During peak fishing seasons, trawlers from around the globe converge here.
Both trade in big and small ideas about the future, but their projects rarely converge.
Pupils converge toward the nose as they gaze into the distance.
It is going to be interesting to see how these issues converge or pull apart in the next few years.
When energy regimes converge with communications revolutions, human consciousness is altered.
These winds converge in the tropics, forcing air to rise.
At four locations the beams will converge, sending the particles crashing into each other at nearly the speed of light.
But the two plates have continued to converge, building up tectonic stresses.
It was also cool to see all of the different paths converge at the end of the novel.
Over the next several years you will see the two converge.
As the magnets flipped to find their lowest-energy orientation, they would converge on the problem's solution.
Parallel beams can therefore be induced to converge or diverge.
It's precisely the same thing that makes railroad tracks or long roads appear to converge in the distance.
No one knows what's going to happen as the two species converge.
Will the two populations converge again or maintain divergent paths.
In either case, the universe would be a weird place--parallel lines would either converge or split apart.
They then use the signals to steer toward their neighbors, and as many as a million amoebae converge in a swirling mound.
So here you have a trade off between population converge and depth of the genomic survey.
At the peak of salmon spawning, creatures converge on the river and go to work.
Divergent series converge faster than convergent series because they don't have to converge.
When a large group of scientists that have different individual worldviews converge, generally objectivism can be obtained.
For example, there are radiometric dates for different elements from the same rock that all converge on the same date.
They find that the parts of the burger that are traded internationally converge towards purchasing-power parity quite quickly.
They were much likelier than their non-communicating peers to converge on the greenest patches.
The trend of more work for less pay will continue until world labor costs substantially converge.
Rogue waves seem to occur in deep water or where a number of physical factors such as strong winds and fast currents converge.
The police clearly worry that if they scale back their deployments people will converge at the appointed places.
As those devices all converge, the natural convergence point is tablet computers of various screen sizes.
In general, the rates of increase of profits have tended to converge.
As these trends converge, diasporas will move even closer to centre stage in the delivery of succour to the needy.
Bishops can't even converge at the same table with each other.
Only lately have the wired and wireless networks begun to converge in a meaningful manner.
Transforming your fi rm this way lets strategy and learning converge.
And, in a horrible way that is not being faced, the two excavations have begun to converge.
The term derives from the circle formed by the elevated train tracks as they converge downtown.
Local performers converge on the square to dance, sing and throw fire batons in the air.
Then they tackled the odds that they would converge on a two-day period.
Tens of thousands converge to make it the biggest in the region.

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