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First, the notion that government is fundamentally inefficient and unproductive has become conventional wisdom.
Contrary to increasingly popular conventional wisdom, effective development aid isn't impossible.
Conventional wisdom says such discoveries should not be happening now.
According to the conventional wisdom, there was a culture clash.
That's right-conventional wisdom may say to stick to the dry season, and that's fine.
Conventional wisdom suggested that breaking the record would mean running faster with the same strategy.
The conventional wisdom has reversed the actual relationship between expectations and student outcomes.
Conventional wisdom back then dictated that you couldn't really teach a speech course online.
First, it's a good idea to have daily work goals, or so the conventional wisdom goes.
And that's why the conventional wisdom is to sit on your hands and wait.
It's one thing if you challenge the conventional wisdom and are proved right.
The conventional wisdom about race and juries turns out to be wrong.
The conventional wisdom is that this is where elections are decided.
The findings challenge conventional wisdom and could hold the key to creating better antibacterial coatings.
The conventional wisdom is that everyone needs to go to college to be trained for a high skill job.
When people ask these questions, the conventional wisdom is that a lack of self-discipline explains procrastination.
Conventional wisdom holds you're born with perfect pitch or you're not.
With more experts and insiders, the markets can get out ahead of conventional wisdom.
Two decades on, that revelation is now conventional wisdom.
Brown's hyperrational approach defies conventional wisdom about food preparation.
Nintendo's games are so excellent that the company would dominate any space it enters, or so goes the conventional wisdom.
Ellison's vision of widget-based online software has become conventional wisdom.
Conventional wisdom says it's a business move focused on the long haul.
What it proved ran contrary to conventional wisdom in the worlds of finance and art.
Conventional wisdom presumes that the larger the brain, the more intelligent the animal must be.
New high-speed videos of hummingbirds overturn nearly two centuries of conventional wisdom on how they drink.
According to conventional wisdom, the markings indicated the chair as the source of the fire.
But contrary to conventional wisdom, high hormone levels don't necessarily translate into severe morning sickness.
And shamelessly flaunting its contempt for conventional wisdom in the public press.
In the mid-seventies, however, evolutionary biologists began to question that conventional wisdom.
My point was that dismissing conventional wisdom as mythical without a scientific reference is poor form for a science writer.
The conventional wisdom had been that the ice age had left the tropics largely untouched.
The stakes are now too high merely to show the injustice of the conventional wisdom.
Here he is following the conventional wisdom of economists.
More aptly, it is a big bland bowl of conventional wisdom studded with genuinely thoughtful or entertaining surprises.
They find much truth in the conventional wisdom, but also some solace for those who believe small is beautiful.
Conventional wisdom has it that sovereign defaults are always messy and painful.
For instance: conventional wisdom says that the crime rate should rise during a recession.
Conventional wisdom says that forests prevent flooding by acting as giant sponges.
Certainly not that companies should turn conventional wisdom upside down and re-embrace the old order.
But contrary to conventional wisdom, not all of these exchanges are doomed.
Since then, it has been conventional wisdom that development aid should favour well-governed poor countries.
Two other studies published in the same volume similarly overthrow conventional wisdom about plants.
So far, a handful of emerging-market firms have defied the conventional wisdom that conglomerates are inherently inefficient.
Conventional wisdom has it that older art holds its value, while contemporary stuff is for risk-lovers.
Conventional wisdom holds that where either capitalism or democracy flourishes, the other must soon follow.
Alternatives to that conventional wisdom are suddenly a live topic, and blogs have brought experts on them out of the shadows.
Either way, it denies turn-of-the-century western conventional wisdom.
Contrary to conventional wisdom, heart muscle cells do regenerate after heart attacks, researchers have found.
Sometimes scientists get it wrong and have to revise the conventional wisdom they helped create.
Conventional wisdom holds that the ancient material formed before the birth of our solar system.
Conventional wisdom holds that darkness is the whole point of dark matter.
Eat right and exercise, conventional wisdom has it, if you want to avoid joining the diabetes epidemic.
Conventional wisdom has long held that any tumor cell remaining in the body could potentially reignite the disease.
Conventional wisdom suggests that if an amphibian population is thriving, the area is probably clear of pollutants.
The findings of this research challenge the conventional wisdom about what materials could be used in the cathode of a battery.
The conventional wisdom is that the smaller, the better.
Conventional wisdom has long held that adult stem cells are only capable of forming their tissue of origin.
But new research may knock the legs out from under this conventional wisdom.
Conventional wisdom posits that it will be nearly impossible.
Unfortunately, this flies in the face of conventional wisdom that holds that insomniacs are sleep-deprived.
That's what distinguishes science from personal opinion and conventional wisdom.
The conventional wisdom holds that developing countries are the main villains.
Once you start adding in more uses, coal is likely to become scarce far sooner than conventional wisdom would have it.
Its conclusions could turn the conventional wisdom about the differences among nations over mitigation efforts on its head.
Conventional wisdom holds that such a quark-matter collective would have an overall positive electrical charge.
The conventional wisdom in neuroscience has long been that our adult brains are pretty much hardwired.
Their story challenges the conventional wisdom that warfare has been a constant throughout human history.
History shows that many crazy ideas that run counter to conventional wisdom are eventually found to be true.
My own parents ate the way conventional wisdom taught, and now they have high cholesterol and one foot away from being diabetic.
The finding suggests some galaxies grew up much more quickly than conventional wisdom held.
Share your valuable insights and take positions that challenge conventional wisdom.
Defying conventional wisdom, they rejected a chance to roll back an increase in the state gas tax.
Conventional wisdom has it that people will do everything to keep their homes.
The president starts things off on the defensive, as a new poll shows his standing is worse than conventional wisdom holds.
Conventional wisdom, planted intelligence, and hoary rumors have long been the coin of the realm.
All of the conventional wisdom couldn't be more off base.
The conventional wisdom was that you had to outnumber the guerrillas ten-to-one.
While this may sound obvious, it actually flies in the face of conventional wisdom on diet and exercise.
The conventional wisdom presumes that growing populations bring economic growth.
The conventional wisdom says that today's whittled-down pilot programs are all that is politically achievable.
The conventional wisdom used to be that becoming a knowledge worker represented the best path to a prosperous future.
Conventional wisdom and academic studies alike suggest that levels of happiness would fall as unemployment rises.
As for comets, conventional wisdom held that they also bombarded the planets during the early eons.
The article showed remarkable skepticism regarding the conventional wisdom.
That's the way people have triumphed over conventional wisdom in journalism.
Conventional wisdom is that our biggest phobia is speaking in public.
Conventional wisdom says that if you want to be richer, a useful thing to do is get married.
Our view on property pricing differs from conventional wisdom.
But a thought-provoking, politically incorrect new book turns that conventional wisdom upside down.
For years it's been conventional wisdom that homework teaches kids to manage time, organize and learn on their own.
Conventional wisdom is that tiny pits and gouges in the wall of a champagne flute serve as bubble-formation sites.
Yet the conventional wisdom that sufferers should avoid certain foods may have been upended.
Conventional wisdom says its strategy is wrong, yet it keeps turning out great products.
The conventional wisdom that exercise is essential for shedding pounds is actually fairly new.
Problem is, some tips and conventional wisdom are questionable or downright wrong.
It's that his discovery turns conventional wisdom on its head, attacking the virus in a way no other drug has.
Conventional wisdom, however, is not always reliable.
Conventional wisdom in homicide investigations holds that speed is of the essence.
Conventional wisdom holds that the universe's geometry is flat.
The conventional wisdom formerly was that the economic status of the aged was low.

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