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Conventional wisdom says such discoveries should not be happening now.
Conventional microscopes use lenses to magnify whatever is in the line of sight.
If so, their habits were not in keeping with conventional raptor natural history.
From this to a conventional condensed picture writing was an easy transition.
She expected from all people certain conventional reactions to life.
The word in question is almost obvious and often conventional, but invariably apt.
The point was to dismiss the conventional display of the diploma while still, umm, displaying it.
The conventional academic hierarchies are quite muddled in the digital humanities.
Either way, an alternative is emerging to conventional notions of what mission entails.
Share your valuable insights and take positions that challenge conventional wisdom.
Making sense of less conventional risk markers in your blood test results.
As is often the case with conventional wisdom about the stock market, however, the truth is more complicated.
Renewable and conventional energy, markets and green technology.
Then you can cook the squash in the microwave oven while the chicken cooks in the conventional oven.
Some conventional heaters are quite small, while others are built to resemble steam radiators.
As you've probably learned, conventional wisdom is often wrong about a lot of things.
Conventional wisdom holds you're born with perfect pitch or you're not.
Conventional economic models failed to foresee the financial crisis.
Unlike conventional plastics, their ultimate raw material is not oil, but maize.
He points out that conventional medicines must be shown to be both safe and efficacious before they can be licensed for sale.
Rather, the question is how regulations might help engineered crops exist beside conventional and organic ones.
The additive approach to manufacturing has several big advantages over the conventional one.
So the only sensible material for reducing a conventional car's weight while maintaining its strength is aluminium.
Conventional measures of public debt show the legacy of past borrowing.
In a conventional transistor, these components lie in about the same plane.
Of course, conventional lenders sift through information about borrowers to decide whether someone is a good risk.
Industry enthusiasts claimed hedge-fund returns were less volatile than their conventional, long-only peers.
The strength of the fuselage means that the cabin will be kept at a higher pressure than on conventional airliners.
But conventional investing is not exactly safe either.
Conventional gaming has not proved as resistant to the recession as many had expected.
By comparison, getting a conventional internal-combustion engine to burn hydrogen instead of petrol is relatively easy.
Conventional economics uses money as a proxy for utility-the dismal way in which the discipline talks about happiness.
As a result, solar energy costs roughly three to four times as much as electricity from conventional sources.
For instance: conventional wisdom says that the crime rate should rise during a recession.
Compared with a conventional fish-finding sonar it is a miracle, with a scanning rate that runs a million times faster.
Conventional photovoltaic cells, made of silicon, are designed to collect energy from the wavelengths of sunlight.
Now they all have outside investors and conventional reporting requirements.
It might if the economy were to follow a conventional path back to full employment.
It also renders conventional monetary policy impotent, as the interest rate that prevents too much saving is below zero.
Unlike a conventional turbofan, it uses a gearbox rather than a shaft between the fan and the turbine.
Two other studies published in the same volume similarly overthrow conventional wisdom about plants.
When the costs of conventional electricity rise to the level of solar then the free market will provide the answer.
Conventional poultry farms use antibiotics extensively, which contributes to the rise of antibiotic-resistant pathogens.
Sometimes scientists get it wrong and have to revise the conventional wisdom they helped create.
Because rats can be trained to spot tuberculosis-and to do it better than conventional techniques.
Conventional superconductors carry electric currents without energy losses but only when cooled to near absolute zero.
But new research may knock the legs out from under this conventional wisdom.
Conventional wisdom has long held that any tumor cell remaining in the body could potentially reignite the disease.
The conventional wisdom is that the smaller, the better.
The resultant fuel is cleaner than conventional, sulfur-free diesel.
For now, the machines are likely to be used for tackling regions of the human genome that resisted conventional sequencing.
But conventional pyrolysis methods don't do a great job with motor oil.
The distinction between this procedure and conventional animal husbandry would be the use of a genetic copy as breeding stock.
Though they use less electricity than conventional lights, one drawback is their sensitivity to temperature.
Unfortunately, this flies in the face of conventional wisdom that holds that insomniacs are sleep-deprived.
The same can be done with a conventional keyboard and there are many more variables.
Eat right and exercise, conventional wisdom has it, if you want to avoid joining the diabetes epidemic.
Conventional approaches to developing new antibiotics and vaccines against the disease have mostly failed.
Conventional wisdom has long held that adult stem cells are only capable of forming their tissue of origin.
The researchers' calculations suggest that flying actually requires one and a half times the energy of a conventional traverse.
In contrast, conventional hydropower technologies often rely on the construction of tall dams that flood the area behind them.
But the technique of genetic engineering is new, and quite different from conventional breeding.
To be clear-these tests are not conventional genealogy.
Conventional theory has held that comets form from dust grains that had never been close to the sun.
Conventional superconductors work at subzero temperatures-too low to be maintained economically.
It's a completely different approach to pushing electrons around a dry circuit in a conventional computer.
By conventional standards, life shouldn't exist at the vents.
The movie has the structure of a conventional bio-pic.
Betty's own publisher had been too conventional to understand it, and so had several others she had tried.
The first project, was a more conventional series of production stills.
It would be easy to say that she was a conventional beauty, but that would be a poor description-too broad and too vague.
There are a lot of regulars, and they seem more at home than they might at a conventional restaurant.
But the conventional court system has proved surprisingly effective at extracting intelligence.
When a drag-king artiste steals the spotlight from an icon of conventional prettiness.
Here are some comparisons of the atomic bombing with conventional bombing.
Or so goes the conventional wisdom, as relayed in countless newspaper and magazine postmortems of the health-care struggle.
The high public costs that result from a conventional, dispersed style of development may become crucial to the unfolding debate.
The company's goal is to get consumers to embrace bugs as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional meat.
Mechanization has reduced conventional animal farming to production and eliminated true animal husbandry.
As for comets, conventional wisdom held that they also bombarded the planets during the early eons.
Personalization in turn promoted disaggregation: deconstructing and rearranging conventional information units.
But he is bent on cutting down an adversary almost as resistant: the conventional approach to development in poor countries.
So by conventional standards the reaction to the tragedy has been admirable.
Private military contractors might even provide an alternative to conventional military intervention in humanitarian emergencies.
Conventional wisdom and academic studies alike suggest that levels of happiness would fall as unemployment rises.
By any conventional academic measure, these laborers were thoroughly unintelligent.
Far more expensive than any conventional blockbuster.
Most of them came up with fairly conventional, modern slabs.
Green roofs can also last more than twice as long as conventional rooftops.
Who has willingly suffered the derision of conventional minds for the choices he has made.
Don't believe the deniers-science is a resolute enemy of erroneous conventional wisdom.
The conventional wisdom that prevailed until recently made a lot more sense.
In conventional vehicles, shocks convert the vertical motion caused by running over a bumpy road into heat.
In the conventional method, the virus is grown in fertilized hens' eggs, which can take up to six months.
The energy in the ion beam can be directly converted to electricity-no need for conventional turbines and generators.
Conventional treatments such as psychotherapy and medication had failed.
Conventional rockets in space must carry their own oxygen supply, usually in liquid form, to burn their fuel.
Infection had set in, and the conventional therapies--antibiotics and surgical removal of dead tissue--had failed to stop it.
Against conventional wisdom, they discovered cholera to be caused by a waterborne microbe.
But unlike a conventional jet, they lack mechanical air compressors.
By conventional measures, it shouldn't have produced a tsunami at all.
Both were treated with conventional chemotherapy drugs.
Fascinating to think about and tremendous potential, but literally another world beyond conventional computing.
They're potentially cheaper to make than conventional solar cells and can be quickly printed.
The result could be battery systems half to a third the size of conventional ones.
The metal-silicon films curl up slightly, which makes them somewhat difficult to handle on a conventional production line.
The material uses the light more effectively, generating hundreds of times more current than conventional silicon.
However, conventional materials and chemistries have stopped them from being used extensively in cars.
Most photovoltaics are made from conventional inorganic semiconductors.
He says that the generator could be coupled with devices that are difficult or inefficient to power using conventional means.
What's more, it absorbed every wavelength more efficiently than conventional silicon does.
As they get smaller and smaller, conventional transistors are subject to a problem called leakage.
Thin-film solar cells are attractive because they could produce electricity cheaper than conventional silicon solar cells.
Many tissue engineers build organ-shaped scaffolds, then coat them with cells, using conventional ink-jet printing techniques.
The long-term goal is to fabricate the device using conventional low-cost roll-to-roll printing.
In conventional wind turbines, the blades spin a shaft that is connected through a gearbox to the generator.
Conventional solar cells are backed with a sheet of aluminum.
Tandem cells, commonly employed in conventional solar panels, increase power output in two ways.
Conventional chemotherapy can wreak havoc on healthy tissue, causing painful side effects, and it's not always effective.
What was once considered heretical is becoming conventional wisdom.
Of course an interpretive account would not be limited by such conventional understandings.
If one attends a violin-piano recital, on conventional modern instruments, the question of balance can exist on several levels.
Deconstructive reading presupposes conventional reading.
After all there are other, more conventional, ways of taking revenge without taking one's own life.
Experts disagree about whether this technique will offer any advantages over more conventional vaccines.
Some conversations are difficult to have, especially when they challenge conventional thinking.
Conventional wisdom is that our biggest phobia is speaking in public.
Changing the world has never been a job for the conventional or easily discouraged.
Conventional wisdom says that if you want to be richer, a useful thing to do is get married.
Maybe prospective producers were reluctant to buck the prevailing wisdom of a conventional happy ending.

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