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He transgressed the borderlines of convention but he felt emotionally bound to tradition.
Our poll, the first taken in the week after the convention, uses a different technique from the others.
However by global convention loans are not marked to market, but carried at cost and impaired gradually.
Convention holds that politics stops at the water's edge.
The clowns' convention had them all standing around complaining about their ulcers and the sad state of their investments.
Frequently, journals will be flooded with submissions directly after the discipline's annual convention.
The marriage of the lady in the mask, which unties the knot of the play, is no better than an accepted convention of the stage.
The romantic poets eagerly sought to supersede this convention by vivid, appropriate words.
Somewhere near a bank or convention collecting cash or glory.
It's an all-day-into-the-evening convention, a place full of debate and discussion and celebration, of chanting and drumming.
Later, through a unicycling newsletter, he read of plans for an inaugural muni convention.
The injuriousness of this fictional world might be explained, of course, by slapstick convention.
Then he descended from the stage, and the convention hall exploded.
Her talent allowed her to subvert convention and redefine beauty.
Fantasy and convention, she seems to be saying, are part of life's meaning and its joy.
She rebelled against convention, and then she rebelled against the conventions of rebellion.
The reason for the crater naming convention is quite simple.
Then, all distinctions are synthetic, since everything is spoken of using a linguistic convention.
Then sneak it under the floorboards of a literary convention.
Self-conscious experimentation is generally the result of a real longing to break down the barriers of literary convention.
Any ambitions he harbored for higher office were wrecked by these breaches of convention.
In earlier times, the party's inner circle would have tapped one of them, and the convention would rally around him.
The shop is across the street from the convention center.
Boris's luncheon speech violates every convention of political speechmaking.
There are unusual treasures, such as a framed collection of vintage campaign ribbons and political-convention badges.
The convention continues until its final adjournment.
What it hasn't done, however, is actually agree to the convention.

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