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The convent is located in a great mansion enclosed by a park and approached by an avenue lined by trees.
She devised false doctrines, he charged, and defied orders to stay in her convent and not teach.
We didn't ascend to the hilltop convent for views of the city.
She grew up in a mansion and was educated in a convent.
Generally speaking, nuns are allowed to leave the convent and stop wearing scarves.
They remained in the convent for which they were commissioned until now.
However, outside the convent and its commitment to prayer and simple living was the world of the market-place.
Grandma's family, in accordance with their tradition, put her in a convent.
Along with a couple of years at a convent school, that seems to have been her education.
Convent and continuity-these were two concepts that definitely did not go together.
She had engaged in something, she would say, that was half convent and half farm.
It goes without saying that said killer is also a reluctant guest of the convent.
On his fourth visit he impulsively asked her how she could live in a convent.
On her twenty-first birthday, she entered a convent where she lasted eighteen months.
The convent was built by a priest who was almost killed in a flash flood and promised to establish a convent if he were saved.
Pepita did not wish to retire to a convent, nor did she incline to a penitential life.
Down on the coast were glorious green forests, and a building-she could not tell whether it was a church or a convent-stood there.
He threw himself on his mule, all travel-soiled as he was, and hastened through the mud and mire to the distant convent.
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