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He is not an artist for whom the portrait is simply a convenient armature for adventures in pure painting.
It's really convenient, but sometimes the definitions can be strange.
It's really convenient but sometimes the definitions can be strange.
The fault of the macroeconomics profession was not so much rational expectations, which is a convenient and useful device.
So it has become convenient for those to use who don't want to watch a movie on their computer screen.
Neither government likes to draw attention to this arrangement, because it has been so convenient on both sides.
His pragmatism is a convenient cover for effacing the foundational debates of our republic.
There are no shoulder straps to worry about and it's a convenient size-but sometimes fashion must take precedent over function.
Longer shipping routes, more refined gas, and more convenient service station locations are all culprits in higher gas prices.
They may even use fewer drugs, because they will have difficulty finding convenient dealers and soft burglary targets.
Now, of course, bottles are mostly made of plastic and recycled if it's convenient to do so.
These choices are convenient, but they're not our own.
The bones discovery was convenient for many parties.
Past and present may be convenient categories, but they don't ring especially true to lived experience.
We can increasingly gain convenient access to these goods, greatly reducing the need to own them.
We don't yet have a convenient and inexpensive way to store it for transportation.
The missing elements back then were intelligent marketing and convenient, compelling reading material at reasonable prices.
Only what is convenient to the agenda or vested interest of the oligarchs is funded.
But the idea that you need to invent some convenient cataclysm to restore order seems foolhardy.
It's a convenient device for those who simply don't want any limits on campaign financing.
Frogs make convenient study subjects for anyone interested in how hormones affect physical development.
The number of stalls, urinals, and sinks and proximity to convenient and discrete observation posts were similar.
We have exceedingly convenient blinders when it comes to pro-valuating economy over survivability.
They're used as a convenient form of biological control, to cull insect pests without having to resort to chemical agents.
Wet, in this usage, is meant to distinguish the world of real chemicals from the neater and more convenient simulations.
Forgive me for suggesting that this is a bit convenient for you.
We are a now society that feeds on having and producing ways that make our lives faster, easier and more convenient.
It makes their experience more convenient and less unpleasant.
At one time, car travel was always less expensive but less convenient than air travel.
She said it was more convenient for her if she debited my account.
Whether it is for business, pleasure or general use, rental agencies provide a convenient service.
They're touting the shelters as cheap, convenient and safe, a lab-tested alternative to the old tornado cellars in the ground.
Retailers are doing many things to make shopping more convenient.
And it may be more convenient for short-distance trips or for long stays in a city.
The terms nerd and geek were convenient shorthand used by other cliques to categorize us.
There are many convenient apps and other alternatives that could be reducing our tendency to text.
Small, high-tech workshops close to home would be flexible, economical and convenient.
But it's never been convenient to be a pirate compared with being a paying customer.
It's also convenient, and you do feel good using it.
Remember that airport auto rental locations are convenient, but taxes and fees are higher there than at non-airport locations.
They are neglected because no one has developed a convenient source of terahertz radiation.
Conventional bulbs have changed little in a century because they are cheap, convenient and do an excellent job of shedding light.
Selling stakes in profitable enterprises is a convenient way to raise money.
They can be planted with the trees well suited to the market, and in convenient places.
Branches are often run almost autonomously, so a merger serves as a convenient excuse to centralise.
Nor, according to the third of this convenient trilogy of papers, is a sense of fairness rooted in culture.
The timing for these talks could be convenient for both sides.
Alcohol-gel hand-cleaners are more convenient than hand-washing, but are less effective.
It would be convenient to blame the regulators for all that, but the system is stacked against them.
The focus on import prices may be politically convenient for the government, but this is far from being the whole story.
It's usually better for the environment than driving or flying-and it's a lot more comfortable and convenient.
The former is convenient but there is the risk of the key falling into the wrong hands.
It's all so quick and convenient, you can give in the moment.
But making things convenient for riders is a major production.
And as anyone who's watched a loved one die knows, biology does not supply sound tracks, convenient timing or highlight reels.
They want something that is universally accepted, convenient and easy.
Making repeated sweeping and derogatory statements on a convenient scapegoat do not help to elevate one's status.

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