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Travelers looking for the ultimate in convenience and luxury can utilize the airport's valet parking service.
Convenience, cost, and reusability will determine which containers you use.
For convenience, steaks can be frozen individually in the marinade.
Speedway wants to demolish the building for a convenience store and gas station.
It's not that regular soap will break the machine, it's simply a matter of effectiveness and convenience.
For convenience, you can store used cooking oil in an empty original container.
Party planning can be overwhelming, but don't let your environmentalism fall by the wayside in the interest of convenience.
These days, more consumers are discovering a way to reduce such paper use, while gaining more convenience and reducing clutter.
People can visit shrines at their convenience-some devotees may pay their respects to the shrine every morning.
After all, the universe doesn't seem to be constructed for our investigative convenience.
Notice the two outhouse towers constructed for the royal party's convenience.
Convenience is not a hallmark of these destinations.
We may study the laws of matter at and for our convenience, but a successful life knows no law.
The big logs are split into halves and quarters for convenience in handling and sawing.
But in this marriage of convenience, both parties suffer.
The convenience and affordability of the meal plan ended up being a great advantage to my daily routine.
But there is a downside to this convenience, and it's deeper than bleary eyes.
For-profit colleges commonly arrange their schedules to attract working adults and others seeking convenience.
For the sake of convenience and discussion, the rescue plan reduces complex matters to three concrete steps.
Such hyperlinks are provided for your reference and convenience only.
They expect you to provide make-up lectures, exercises, and tests at their convenience.
Good teachers are more than happy to trade the convenience of working online for driving to the school.
Many of my students would not be able to get an education were it not for the convenience offered by the for-profits.
Students who enroll want convenience with minimal interference with their routine.
The community college prides itself on convenience for everyone.
Those recognized in this way can be counted at our convenience, even twice or three times if necessary.
Going to college is supposed be an effort, not a convenience.
Special offers and low-margin goods, such as the cheapest own-label lines, are scarce in convenience stores.
Shelves in the capital's convenience stores were almost bare, with long lines of people attempting to buy snacks and drinks.
They are created to increase the convenience to the customer.
Convenience and laziness top the list of causes of antibiotic resistance.
Friction-free and fast, they would combine the speed of aircraft with the convenience of traditional trains.
The convenience and the pampering do not come cheap, though.
Right now, people don't seem to want to put aside the convenience of a gas tank in order to help the environment.
It maximizes security, thoroughness and accuracy while eliminating the need to remove shoes, for increased convenience and safety.
Back then the attraction was not speed but convenience, he says.
Convenience, not conviction, often dictates the choices economists make.
Most developments since have focused on convenience.
But the point about such craft is not so much the comfort as the convenience.
For your convenience, here is a brief guide to who is being investigated for what.
For convenience, an attempt has been made to show where these rare periodicals may be found.
He alters his mind as the work proceeds, and will have this or that convenience more, of which he had not thought when he began.
These reasons were not of convenience only, but of vital necessity, and did not admit of indefinite delay.
There also he had the convenience of an excellent library.
One advantage of booking a hotel, flight or car rental online is the convenience.
The indoor pool and spa are also available for guests' convenience and relaxing pleasure.
Airport hotels are noted for their convenience to an airport, not for their luxurious touches.
The shuttle service has marked pickup points throughout the airport for your convenience.
These resorts cater to couples and families seeking luxury, relaxation and convenience.
The hotel has a convenience store, coin-operated laundry and a dry cleaner.
Many travelers also appreciate the convenience of being able to check in by themselves.
The lobby includes an on-site convenience store and gift shop.
The stores they have access to are corner convenience stores that carry little more than pop, chips, white bread and candy.
Drosophila, along with such animals as the mouse and sea slug, offers convenience for research.
City planning also took on new ideas, and developers began thinking in terms of convenience for apartment dwellers.
The station actually has two space toilets available for its crew's convenience.
So it might be more convenience in latest human life and making acceptable economy to declaring of violence.
They come up with all kinds of pricing models pegged with different degrees of convenience and control.
It give us one is convenience but the other tedium traffic.
There is a method to the current system's madness, and it is largely driven by consumer demand for convenience.
You'd simply be paying the station for the charging, and for the swapping convenience.
The need for secrecy out weighs any concern for convenience or ease on the election officials.
Consumers, used to shelves stuffed full of seafood selections at every neighborhood convenience store, are less aware.
There was a rumor that owners of buildings housing a sausage shop often charged higher rentals because of the convenience.
But soon my attraction to convenience gave way to a relishing of the arduous.
They had come for its navigational convenience and its fresh water.
Amid a pile of bills and past-due notices, a yellow telegram peeked out: please call me at your earliest convenience regards.
As in any sudden marriage of convenience in which neither partner really knows the other, there were bound to be bumps.
They are things that should be feared and beheaded at the earliest possible convenience.
The convenience of nonstop world-hopping on that scale does not come cheap.
Life, it turns out, is a series of tradeoffs between great experience and high convenience.
She gets nervous in convenience stores and fast-food restaurants, where so many murders take place.
Employees of neighborhood convenience stores and gas stations radiate hostility at white customers.
The food sold at bodegas, small markets, and convenience stores in inner cities is frequently of poor quality and cheap.
Often students want the convenience of college and pay for that convenience at the expense of their own future.
But experimentation has been difficult for businesses throughout history because of cost, speed and convenience.
We prefer the hardship of realizing citizenship in this city to the convenience of merely yearning for it.
There are a number of reasons for this, one of which is the desire to shape data to political convenience.
The essence of disruptive innovation is lower performance, lower cost, and higher convenience or higher ease of use.
There will always be some people who go for quality over convenience.
The universe is about content, not mathematical convenience or academic bloviation.
There is no reason to subject people to that radiation for the sake of convenience.
Other options are justified for safety, convenience, or creature comfort reasons.
The best scientific pairings are marriages of convenience in that they bring together the complementary talents of those involved.
The technology's benefits go beyond convenience for the medical staff: patients get better care.
But perhaps by now you've realized that for every convenience technology bestows upon us, it chips away at something else.
Think of it this way: when you walk to the local convenience store to get a squishy, you have to cross the street.
However, in the name of convenience you can deactivate the program with a click of the mouse, restoring the preexisting cookies.
At best this might be a shotgun marriage of convenience or necessity.
Exemptions to immunization should not be taken because of convenience.
We should return to paper bags for convenience bags until the dilemma with plastic bags is resolved.
The hidden costs of supermarket convenience begin with seeds.
Next door is a convenience store with a bar at the back.
He may want to contact me to discuss at his convenience.
The idea that we're only destroying the environment in one single way is a matter of incredible convenience.
It comes with a heat pack and thermometer for your convenience.
The designers made user comfort and convenience a priority, a bold achievement in the world of portable computing.
In mathematics, choice of definitions is not an absolute, but based on convenience and mathematical aesthetics.
Now, of course my figures are chosen for convenience and only approximate the reality.
To either of them, the existence of high-level sciences is merely a matter of convenience.
These systems are, therefore, something far deeper than mere social contracts made for convenience.
Spacetimes in general do not provide this convenience.
So, it all comes down to simply a matter of convenience.
Entire markets have been transformed by products that trade power or fidelity for low price, flexibility, and convenience.
Imagine integrating the convenience of online shopping into the physical world.
For many, green still takes a backseat to convenience.
With convenience stores reporting a shortage of labor, don't be surprised if one opens on your block sometime soon.

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