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They also include fully equipped kitchens complete with cook tops, convection ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators.
The suites also have full kitchens, with microwaves, convection ovens and refrigerators.
Rooms that feature kitchens come with granite countertops and convection ovens.
Sunspots are visible because the bundled field lines impede the flow of convection.
The flow makes its return trip to the equator through the convection zone, the outermost layer of the sun's interior.
Ceramic heaters are convection heaters with a ceramic insulated heating element.
Natural convection occurs when a warm object is placed in a still body of cool fluid or gas.
The convection occurs as hot plasma rises from below, radiates away its heat, and sinks into the sun again as it cools.
At its border with the stratosphere, temperature begins to rise and convection essentially stops.
Solar heating lowered relative humidities in the cloud layer through late afternoon, and stronger convection arose after sunset.
In a meltdown, natural convection would pull in air.
Should the concrete containment vessel begin to heat up during a meltdown, natural convection would pull in cooling air.
If there was convection between them you would soon have brackish water, not two distinct bodies.
Natural heat convection is sufficient to maintain coolant and heat loss from core decay, indefinitely.
One highlight is a simulation of the interior of the sun, showing its convection and churning magnetic field.
Much of the regulation would be convection due to vertical movement of water vapor, hence more wetness in some places.
Convection limits this naturally created super-thermal-gradient.
Meanwhile, convection inside the droplets brought fresh supplies of oleic anhydride to the surface.
Essentially climate is breaking the known science around convection and radiation.
Heat transfer between the hot and cold areas occurs by convection and moisture transfer, which appears as wind and rain and snow.
Plus they're eating out of packages, and convection doesn't work the same, so smells don't rise up.
The vacuum stopped the apparatus losing heat by convection.
One important unknown is the role that convection and conduction play in the less viscous regions of ice.
The heat expelled from the core rises up through the mantle and creates convection currents.
Seismic waves form as a result of turbulent convection in the roiling stellar interior.
Then comes the real fun: shooting a laser though the resulting mist to see how convection works.
In a cool climate our bodies lose the heat produced by exercise through radiation, convection, or evaporation.
Along spreading centers, volcanism is the rising part of convection of the plastic mantle.
For a convection pattern to arise and be reinforced by that sort of harmonic shouldn't be so surprising.
Somehow you seem to neglect energy output of the human body that is transported via convection instead of radiation.
Probably some unusual convection cell between you and the horizon.
Devoted convection users sneer at those who cling to conventional ovens.
Once formed, convection currents bring hot material from deeper within the mantle up toward the surface.
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