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In this case, the conundrum is how to keep your water from freezing in the narrow tube between your pack and the mouthpiece.
Few movies have worked out that conundrum so powerfully, or so effectively dramatized the folly of judging by partial evidence.
Astronomers have proposed two solutions to this conundrum.
The only way out of this conundrum is to hypothesise some kind of catastrophe that brings an end to the universe.
Of course, our distant ancestors didn't see the conundrum faced by today's instrument makers.
There is a technological solution to this conundrum and it is called conductive thread.
Gee, hey, gee it's a gas to try to solve such a conundrum.
The evolutionary biologist has also used this historical data set to ponder the conundrum of grandmothers.
There is one moderately well established hypothesis that may facilitate solution to this apparent conundrum.
In fact, the fact that they are changeable and mutable is what brought me into this conundrum in the first place.
It may be the biggest, but it is far from the only temporal conundrum.
That's the conundrum teachers have faced for centuries now.
The first conundrum was cracking off the egg cap neatly.
Prospectuses tend to solve the conundrum by avoiding mention of the party's role.
The solution to this conundrum, in the eyes of many governments, is nuclear power.
Profit maximization is a mantra which leaves the entrepreneur in a conundrum.
And that conundrum is what got me started on the real plot of the story.
For the moment, the broadly unanticipated behavior of world bond markets remains a conundrum.

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