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But as the visitors arrive at the ancient wonder, they encounter a modern controversy.
In the scientific community there is no controversy.
And then there was the controversy about the chicken soup.
Don't really understand why this hype and controversy is created by some scholars.
Wish he was here to see all the controversy his biography is causing.
We cannot expect to remove either from the range of controversy.
The odds are that the whole question is not worth the poorest thought which the scholar has lost in listening to the controversy.
But the practice of stage representation reduces everything to a controversy of elocution.
The same point is frequently at this day a matter of controversy in the wine countries.
The tiny bones have stirred controversy since they were first revealed and could alter understanding of early human evolution.
We believe that part of the reason behind this steep learning curve has been the lack of controversy about teaching comprehension.
The field of food allergy has, in fact, become rife with controversy.
What caused the controversy was not so much the content, which is vague enough for almost everyone to agree with it.
There is no controversy in saying that shoddy infrastructure is holding the continent back.
But the increasing popularity of these unpaid placements has caused some controversy lately.
Travel time might have been shorter still, but for controversy over the train's speed.
Few wartime events are the subject of so much controversy and myth.
Yet they also have a penchant for sports that promote superstars and breed controversy, both on and off the field.
The decree aroused only muted controversy, yet it called into question the point of holding a referendum in the first place.
The digitising of thousands of volumes of print is not without controversy.
If it proves possible to scale up his techniques, that would remove the source of the controversy over stem-cell research.
The rise of the social-gaming firms has not been without controversy.
The book's findings sparked both controversy and hand-wringing.
Efforts to eliminate complacency, however, may spark controversy.
The awarding of the patent has generated much controversy among college officials who believe it is too broad.
But the animal lab, despite the expense and potential for controversy, made it into the final design.
No risk, no controversy, no exposure to public negativity.
The controversy and prescriptions offered in this article are framed within the latter, narrower view.
But trying to find it isn't easy and brings a fair bit of controversy.
Your opportunism in attempting to use this tragedy to foment a controversy of racism is truly disturbing.
Holder, despite the controversy he has inspired, has not actually pushed for radical change.
Recently computerized vote-counting has engendered controversy.
Since these had been stolen, there was a huge controversy.
But years later, that plan is still mired in controversy.
The site was only up for a week, but during that time it created more than its share of trouble and controversy.
There's less controversy over whether the biscuits clog your arteries.
Despite accolades for its photographic achievements, they have come with some degree of controversy.
Few issues today spark more controversy than outsourcing.
Understanding the biggest controversy of this pro football season.
Not by all controversialists, of course, but by those trenchant intellects which every controversy calls out into the open.
With their ever-expanding reach, enrollment managers are inevitably dogged by controversy.
The controversy over whether nonmaternal care harms infants.
They added fuel to the controversy rather than exhausting it.
The subject of the controversy was a shy, kindly fellow with a slight harelip.
So: no controversy that ultimate attainment varies strongly by age.
The announcement is sure to roil an already bubbling controversy over the value of that screening.
Part of the controversy surrounding climate science education is how to teach it.
Currently the clinical based diagnostic of depression is causing and fueling the controversy.
Most of the controversy has focused on privacy because the machines can produce graphic images.
Controversy has bubbled up this month on a number of fronts.
At the same time, scientists and industry are embroiled in a controversy over whether the devices cause brain tumors.
The controversy over cigarettes in films has raged for decades.
After years of controversy, a therapy based on human embryonic stem cells is finally being tested in humans.
Surely controversy could be avoided and consistency in the volumes could be achieved if the guidelines were made public.
The calm center of harsh controversy, he was much beloved.
New controversy over whether a single theory can explain everything.
In the midst of the ongoing controversy, scientists have made notable progress in understanding autism.
Most scientists would say there is no controversy over evolution.
Some questioned his methodology, and for a year or two the controversy cast a pall on research into octopus learning.
There is no scientific controversy about whether natural processes can drive the evolution of complex proteins.
That's not the only food-borne controversy on the island continent.
With such controversy, it's unlikely that anyone's going to be spraying diacetyl at high doses over sleeping people.
But with his success came controversy and legal troubles that marred his legacy.
The controversy over hacked e-mails from the world's leading climate scientists continues to roil.

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When a thing ceases to be a subject of controversy, it ceases to be a subject of interest.... more
Impartial. Unable to perceive any promise of personal advantage from espousing either side of a controversy... more
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