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Human beings are proud of what they create-no matter how controversial or deadly.
Their attendance-or lack thereof-has been controversial recently.
We understand that it will be controversial to release these photographs.
It was a controversial notion, but not an unpopular one.
The fitful evolution of bacteria supports a controversial theory.
Although the evidence remains controversial, he is convinced that the radiation poses a risk to human health.
The approach protects controversial areas of study and allows the state to account for costs over decades instead of every year.
Even if that is the case it is controversial to say it came from a country.
The aim of the article is to inform the reader about this controversial, yet highly quixotic idea.
The idea is controversial, though many panelists said they would support it, provided it wasn't the only outcome measure.
Those factors reflect the controversial nature of foreign-student enrollment, especially in the sciences.
In the realm of high-stress admissions and licensing exams, the accommodation question is as controversial-and complex-as ever.
In that extremely controversial study, researchers used a wide range of methods to subject mice to various levels of pain.
Its hosts should strive for broadmindedness while approaching controversial news topics with disclosed and well-understood biases.
Which framework is better is a far more complicated and controversial question.
On these controversial issues, meaningful progress is virtually impossible without bipartisan support.
She doesn't need to be racy or controversial or reference obscure art scenes and design influences.
Instead, it has quietly supported research on adult stem cells, a far less controversial field.
Even controversial nuclear energy is considered a viable option.
The process may eventually eliminate the controversial step of destroying human embryos for stem cell research.
The possibility that cell-phone radiation causes adverse health effects has been a controversial topic for nearly two decades.
One of the best and non-controversial sources of stem cells remains umbilical cord blood.
It seems to me that happiness made of controversial things.
Sociobiology, though still controversial, has become mainstream as evolutionary psychology.
The decision was controversial and continues to generate protest, fueled by new findings from this icy realm.
The endeavor is controversial, stretching science to its limits.
Some of their work has been controversial, and some of their conclusions have been disputed.
For those interested in how controversial ideas are handled in science, it's a must-read.
Patenting genes has proven controversial enough on its own, so high-tech policing of these patents is unlikely to go down easy.
It can't not change your worldview-and it obviously changed his in a way that has been controversial for a lot of people.
The two faces of energy are the primary reason why energy policy is so controversial and tangled.
Not a controversial view, although there are those who despise her work for its almost patrician accent.
So governors appoint pardons boards and meet with legal counselors, who take the political heat for controversial cases.
But it's also not entirely clear that one or two controversial votes would endanger many of these legislators.
Those who publish in-depth stories on controversial issues face expulsion.
Such deeply personal decisions pose controversial questions about how and why human life has value.
Hardly a controversial touch, one would have thought.
The frequently controversial and always amazing soccer superstar has performed as both a player and now a coach.

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