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Controlling things by mere thought is a staple of science fiction.
It is responsible for coordinating muscle movement and controlling our balance.
Controlling parents tend to have children who are academically above average but depressed.
He enjoys controlling reality on his own terms through his art.
The following pages show more examples of parasites that spread by controlling their hosts.
Health is one area in which the public sector consistently does a better job than the private sector at controlling costs.
Because a controlling family member or friend has forbid you from finishing the program.
Clearly, availability of handguns is not a controlling factor in the incidence of violent crime.
Controlling insects and diseases in the organic garden, however, goes beyond using pesticides.
Under the pact, use of the pesticide is allowed only for controlling malaria.
It's one of the instruments of the left to get rich by controlling our society.
Houses built among the trees make the task of controlling fires more difficult.
Or perhaps the left brain's capacity for controlling manual action extended to controlling the vocal apparatus for speech.
The key to creamed honey is controlling the crystallization process.
Add in methods for controlling hurricanes, tornadoes, and other destructive natural phenomena.
Lightning has a significant role in controlling the chemistry of the atmosphere.
Understanding how the epidemic is spreading is the key to controlling it.
Researchers have identified a lipid molecule that plays a critical role in controlling the severity of a burning sensation.
The relevant measure of the degree's worth is the value added to lifetime income streams when controlling for intelligence.
But after controlling for recidivism and rehabilitation programmes, the meal-related pattern remained.
Controlling the population of cowbirds is critical in this struggle.
One problem with research of this kind is the difficulty involved in controlling potential confounding variables.
Only by controlling for common factors that may mask the true information in the data can one draw a valid conclusion.
The creature can vary the contrast of the lenses by controlling this fluid.
These mammals feed on sea urchins, controlling their population.
Plant scientists have long suspected calcium as a key player in controlling the action of the stomata.
Scientists suspect it has been controlling koala populations naturally for years.
Thus you would give them two alternative methods of controlling their own behaviour and then they would develop free will.
Companies with no family controlling shareholder, to be sure, will be expected to propose more qualified candidates.
Making fossil-fuel energy more expensive has so far not delivered much by way of controlling emissions.
All studies show that controlling high blood pressure decreases stroke risk and that there are both short- and long-term benefits.
No problem with controlling for all other aspects of human emotional development there.
It will only produce tension and heartache given how controlling he is.
Or, he could be controlling because he is insecure about your relationship.
By carefully controlling the jet, he can maneuver back to the station.
The apparatus also includes a system for controlling the phase of each of laser beams provided to an inlet of the waveguide.
By controlling the current in the array the focal point can be moved around, and with it the robot.
Controlling where data are stored and how they are treated is harder, though, because information can float freely in the cloud.
Controlling where a bomb falls has always been a challenge.
As it turned out, when the subjects watched a mouth move, the part of their brain responsible for controlling their mouth lit up.
By controlling the size of the cells they can vary their color and even create changing patterns.
When this happens you must then balance on one ski while controlling the other.
Cities may discover that controlling outdoors lighting may have more benefits than saving energy and keeping the stars shining.
Yes, these could be helpful for controlling disease-bearing species.
Such laws controlling public spitting should be enforced in every country.
These subconscious abilities would become more important in driving the senses and controlling attention.
Mental strength is uniquely human and the key to controlling animals that are more physically powerful than us.
He has an intelligent way of shaping phrases, controlling dynamics, varying articulations.
Disciplining your thoughts and controlling your conscious mind, are crucial elements of conquering this fear.
The main challenge in controlling how cells behave has been how to tap into cellular pathways.
These patients have trouble controlling their movements partly because their brains lack the neurotransmitter dopamine.
Other factors, such as connections between the brain and motor neurons controlling the voice, also contribute to vocal learning.
Maybe that harmonizing could be exploited for controlling mosquito populations.
The year before that there were far fewer controlling access.
Being too controlling and a bit obsessive-compulsive.
What public-key does-its significant innovation-is to simplify drastically the problem of controlling the keys.
Prisons were widely viewed as a barbaric and ineffective means of controlling deviant behavior.
Many people who are sure that controlling population is the answer overseas are equally sure that the answer is different here.
Your own personal natural talent and kindness in controlling the whole thing was valuable.
Your personal training and kindness in controlling the whole thing was invaluable.
Your own personal mastery and kindness in controlling all the details was valuable.
Controlling inflammation could be the key to a healthy old age.
Controlling a robot with an electrode-studded swim cap.
The thought that others might be instead controlling our actions makes us uneasy.
First, there has been research controlling for physical beauty.
To meet the challenge of controlling this kind of high-degree-of-freedom robot, a new control architecture is necessary.
Some of them are invaluable for controlling pests and keeping water clean.
It's a significant double-whammy that could have a lot of potential in controlling mosquito-borne diseases.
The two hemispheres of the bird's brain take turns controlling the song, each dominating for a hundredth of a second.
Conventional methods for controlling external bleeding include applying direct pressure.
Most previous research in controlling insect flight has focused on moths.
But controlling it with weird keys is counterproductive.
People really need to reject the idea of huge companies controlling your content by taking control of the hardware.

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