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Adjust your irrigation controller to fit your climate conditions and landscaping.
But if he's moody and impulsive, tell him to step away from the controller.
If you're planning to install an irrigation system or replace an old controller, check out your options.
The best way to water vegetables in containers is with drip irrigation operated by an automatic controller.
When the antenna signals that the robot is veering too close to a wall, for example, the controller steers the robot away.
There, a small controller box generates a high-frequency signal to try and switch off the pain-causing part of the brain.
All functions are accessed with a thumb-operated controller and easy-to-navigate, on-screen menus.
The engine controller opens the throttle to accelerate the car or closes it to slow the car using engine drag.
With an almost desperate gesture, he reaches out for the controller and manages to press the button again.
If the pilot turns off the device, the aircraft disappears from the controller's scope.
Elevators can also be used under key-control but that sometimes has added hazards if the fire has shorted the controller circuits.
The air traffic controller called over and over for a response.
When the polymer is activated through inputs on a phone or controller, it will create that vibrating sensation.
It would be the ultimate video-game controller, for one thing.
Each air-traffic controller works in a team of about five staff.
Such information can help reveal the mental state of an air-traffic controller, for example.
Nobody denies that being an air traffic controller is a high-stress job, which needs well-rested workers.
Or you can make it react to different buttons used on the controller.
The controller at the moment regards the listening side as beneath him.
In order to work the dagger, you press a red jewel on the hilt, which suspiciously resembles a button on a game controller.
The robot's controller nestles inside a small pot containing a pink broth of nutrients and antibiotics.
Gaming has become such a common activity that picking up a controller is almost second nature for so many people.
The mind-reading system is non-invasive, meaning that the controller doesn't have electrodes implanted in his head.
To this day, only one air traffic controller handles all of the landings at a number of major hubs.
Each controller gene can be in charge of anywhere from a few to hundreds of genes.
The electrical signals can be changed at the physician's office via a wireless controller.
It will allow users to play games by gesturing, without the need for a controller or additional equipment.
When the conductivity changes abruptly, the wires signal the fault and a controller can automatically shut down the laser.
Another interesting rehabilitation device that debuted this year is based on a modified game controller.
Controller cozies, charging stations, cable extenders.
He may have seen a video game, or even picked up a controller.

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Your toddler is no longer a baby feeling himself as part of you, using you as his controller, facilitator, ... more
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