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We traveled further and controlled more land in a few weeks than what has ever been achieved in military history.
They are tightly controlled by families, who have only a paltry stake in the companies at their base.
When several great whites congregate, their dominance is expressed with body bumps and controlled biting.
Spread by creeping rhizomes and can be invasive if not controlled.
Critically, they can even be controlled in cells taken from mice that have been grown using reprogrammed cells.
Biologists have controlled the coyote population, and the wolves are thriving.
Controlled breathing also boosted synchronization, though not to the extent of recitation.
It was as controlled a process as traditional peer review.
Not as easy as with controlled experiments, but possible nonetheless.
There are sections of beach where one can swim with dolphins, but interactions with them are strictly controlled.
Others had free access to areas controlled by absent landowners.
Scale insects and mites are controlled by dormant oil spray.
The defendant shall not unlawfully possess a controlled substance.
Hundreds of people have tried to win this prize, all have failed when tested using a properly controlled scientific method.
Salaries in the public universities are strictly controlled and are uniform.
Researchers are now devising ways to extract energy from magnesium in a more controlled fashion.
We place them in freezers, with temperature and relative humidity controlled.
Life there was comfortable, yet carefully controlled.
Ultimately, they are controlled by the board of regents, and regents are politically nominated.
The mechanism is controlled by efflux transporter proteins embedded in cell membranes.
The third motor controlled the tilt of the two propellers.
First, when subjects form deontological judgments, emotional processes are said to override controlled cognitive processes.
Tuning is controlled by a rotary switch with three data pins.
Volume is controlled by a potentiometer dial with five pins.
He had a history of major depression that was controlled by meds.
Despite all of the socio-economic and political ramifications that stems from laws re controlled substance, ie powder vs.
In contrast to the precisely controlled experiments described above, a typical driver does not operate under ideal conditions.
Controlled for inflation, their salaries were flat even as working conditions deteriorated.
Apply both seed and a complete dry granular, controlled-release fertilizer over the lawn.
Add controlled-release fertilizer to the mix at planting time and replenish it yearly.
Purslane can also be naturally controlled with solarization.
At planting time, every vegetable and flower seedling gets a sprinkling of controlled-release fertilizer.
When new growth starts in spring, feed it with controlled release fertilizer.
Such new economic developments must be devised and controlled to benefit the peoples of the areas in which they are established.
Back of them the politician who controlled all and took the profits.
Nevertheless, the economy remains highly controlled by the government.
But now the party-controlled unions are making a comeback.
Yet now both the private partnership and the state-controlled company are making a comeback.
It is true that family-controlled companies that are run by their founders usually generate higher returns than widely held ones.
Various sorts of remotely controlled machines already explore the sea.
And though they don't use controlled experiments, controlled experiments are the still main method of the natural sciences.
Energy can be recovered from organic wastes by a controlled fermentative process called dark fermentation.
Some state-controlled newspapers eagerly reported these developments.
Family influence would also have to be controlled for as well.
If this content is canned and controlled, it's awful.
More of us than ever before drive cars and live in climate-controlled homes equipped with modern electric appliances.
There is still a problem of controlled access to in-print, in-copyright books.
Regarding that last point, student-centered instruction is not necessarily student-controlled instruction.
There are things that need to be organized and controlled-there is absolutely no doubt about that.
But it was not so obvious until both the clocks and the sound systems became small, cheap, and digitally controlled.
Again and again, carefully controlled studies have shown alternative medicine to work no better than a placebo.
Instead they set up perimeters and controlled the scene.
Alarming upsurges in birth defects and cancer rates are reported even in the state-controlled press.
His arms provide counterbalance, waving in controlled, tai-chi-style movements.
Indifferent to the heavy seas, remote-controlled tractors lowered from these ships creep along the ocean floor, harvesting gravel.
There, it can put on a show-complete with motorcades and simulated attacks-in a tightly controlled environment.
They followed their own policy of lust and avarice, over regions too far from the main history of the times to be controlled.
It is an environment kept under carefully controlled conditions.
Bulk business mailings are inserted by machine in a controlled, supervised environment.
The circulation is driven by differences in density of sea water, which is controlled by temperature and salinity.
Photographs and video from a remote-controlled deep-sea camera confirmed it was the missing plane.
Pilots can maneuver the vehicles using remotely controlled thrusters.
Operators controlled the jockeys remotely, signaling them to pull their reins and prod the camels with whips.
Seals and weights suggest a system of tightly controlled trade.
All parties generally agree that many forests need tidying up-by cutting, or carefully controlled burning, or both.
Climate is also controlled by wind, oceans, and mountains.
Now scientists have shed new light on how these magnificent beasts came to be controlled by humans.
Over time, insulin was secreted and subsequently controlled the glucose levels in the animals' bloodstream.
Sniffing is controlled in part by cranial nerves in the soft palate, the tissue lining the back of the roof of the mouth.
Wires from the implants ran to remote-controlled stimulators contained in backpacks worn by the rats.
It may still sound futuristic, but the era of mind-controlled machines is here.
Unlike other developmental genes, these genes are controlled by special tags.
Their computer-generated playmates, which the subjects believed were controlled by unseen people, then began throwing to them.
Today self-service is largely controlled by electronics.
The left side of her body-controlled by the right hemisphere-was paralyzed.
The electronic tin can is becoming the absolute intermediary and ruler and that needs to be controlled.
Our study carefully controlled for smoking and other possible confounding factors.
So, their innards do slide into their throat, but it's a controlled glide.
But the whole idea of controlled appellations was new then, and many growers were still suspicious of it.
Scientists who would readily spend hundreds of billions of dollars should be controlled.
Reinstalled in the barn, the crèche sits in a climate-controlled exhibition case built into the wall of the barn.
Kids' fights never went too far, which is extraordinary when you consider how ill-controlled children's tempers are.
The actions of the mechanical fighters were controlled by short wave radio.
They were incensed by the excesses of the foreign powers that controlled the city.
She set up her remote-controlled cameras, then watched from a hillside as the horses pounded past, two helicopters buzzing above.
Rather than using retroviruses, they used drug-controlled lentiviruses.
We immerse the individual in a virtual world to allow him or her to vividly reexperience the episode in a safe and controlled way.
Many of these conditions, however, are today being controlled by injections of botulin.
Controlled from a surface ship, these vehicles can explore depths that humans cannot.
It's almost as if he's afraid of being tested in a controlled environment.
The phone companies were thinking that they controlled their own phone networks in a big, walled garden.
After that, the pseudo-seizures abated, and the real seizures were easily controlled by adjusting her medications.
Material sucked up by a huge remote-controlled robot will be lifted through a steel pipe to a transport ship.
She then set her battery-powered bot in a bower and controlled its movement from a blind yards away.
Soon to be added are a remote-controlled surveillance airplane, a small jet boat, and an unmanned submersible.
Now, here's something that honks me off: neighbors who call the fire department when you're in the middle of a controlled burn.
Relying on college kids to win a race normally controlled by geriatrics was thought to be tactical folly.
The rest of it is unadorned, controlled, and workaday.
These three witches-the only element of caricature in the movie-live on a rigidly controlled schedule.
When they're brushed to the side, it's more ladylike, more controlled.
He populated his stories with downtrodden characters fatalistically conditioned and controlled by their backbreaking labor.
Perhaps you would prefer a controlled consistent narrating voice.
Regulations required the crew to sit in a steel container during the show, which was controlled via a laptop computer.
Tells about the educational system which is controlled.
Most artificial arms are controlled by remaining muscles near the amputated limb.
And they are controlled with conscious effort, meaning the user can do little else while moving the limb.
In the past, others have demonstrated radio-controlled planes and model rockets capable of scanning for wireless networks.
They are used in niche applications such as power generation on spacecraft and temperature-controlled car seats.
The prototype display's pixels are controlled by fast-switching silicon transistors printed on top of plastic.
The ruins will be dismantled with remote-controlled equipment, preparing them for permanent storage at a future site.
For the first time, researchers have controlled the pace of an embryonic heart using pulses of light.
Robotic hands are typically designed with dozens of joints controlled by several independent motors.
Sorry, not all science falls neatly into controlled double blind experiments.
The machine is controlled by algorithms designed to mimic different parts of the human visual system.
Losing half your blood volume is a tough thing to survive, even if you're a hamster in a controlled laboratory study.
The system significantly reduced vibrations, saved energy, and allowed rotor movement to be more precisely controlled.
Secondary creatures are controlled by artificially intelligent software, not by other players.
One thing they all had in common: they were tightly controlled by their stodgy, patriarchal leaders.
Also: the world's thinnest smartphone and the world's first eye-controlled laptop.
It appears the whole restless labor of his life was overcome by a pure and controlled art.
No organisms, not even ants, but certainly not human beings are robots controlled by their genes.
Sometimes the poem yields a controlled narrative, at other times a contained meditation.
It's a kind of subdued magic, controlled and exquisite.
When he was collectivized, the peasant joined the throng of the centrally controlled.
In other words, a campaign of ethnic genocide must be carried out in the regions controlled by the guerrilla movement.
The judiciary is controlled by the executive, and the flawed laws that exist are selectively enforced.
Such a war could only be advantageously prolonged if it were limited and controlled.
It is temperature-controlled, with all modern communications set up.
But the fact that they don't exist in the rich world is proof that they can be controlled or eliminated.
To think he could take over a company absolutely controlled by a family that had repeatedly said it would never sell was fantasy.
There is a growing concern that he cannot be controlled.
Yet you quickly realize it is highly controlled-every detail is the result of meticulous labor.
While technically public information, these lists were often jealously controlled by local party bosses.

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