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The retractable self-cleaning bidet wand is fully controllable.
Careful evolution has seen the car grow ever more docile and controllable, and yet faster.
And the longer this dynamic persists, the less likely it is to be controllable.
The world is growing at a tolerable controllable rate.
One controllable, sustainable environment can reliably produce long-term desired effects, and the other cannot.
All of these are controllable by high standards, regulation and good management.
Stop denying the obvious and figure out a plan for dealing with it in a controllable manner.
Obviously not as important as poverty etc etc but significant in being a controllable factor.
Researchers have built one of the world's smallest controllable robots-a machine tinier than the period that ends this sentence.
Acceleration is smooth and controllable making its powerful pull easier to manage for power-kiting novices.
She is calmer and more controllable than her partner who is half her weight.
My dog is excited, but controllable, not shivery and panting.
The diet, hygiene and fluoride regimens are controllable.
The problem is that ion channels are not precisely controllable.
Both suffer from pervasive infectious diseases that are controllable but largely uncontrolled.
Nuclear explosions are not controllable in this way.
Many of the problems that have been described in the article are controllable.
Small is controllable and does not cause a major calamity when things go wrong.
The war's end took away the driving need-and funding-for a controllable reconnaissance vehicle.
The new machine is also much more controllable than any heretofore built, so the danger is correspondingly reduced.
Pressing the brush activates the pump and pushes toothpaste onto the bristles at a controllable rate.
Better and more controllable materials are yet to be discovered.
For thinking beings are obviously controllable, but inanimate objects are not.
Perhaps the stage theory of grief caught on so quickly because it made loss sound controllable.
To get your work life under control, you must first recognize that the problem is controllable.
So, as his boss, fixing him made him controllable and protected.
Researchers want to use molecules with controllable properties to take the place of transistors in many applications.
Also relevant, some cues are controllable when brought to awareness, others are simply out of one's control.
It might be more humane and controllable to perform such tests on captive animals.
They also implanted an externally controllable light source inside the mice's brains.
It is inherently highly capitalized, highly centralized, and easily controllable through politics.
More important than the specs, the cars feel wonderfully balanced and controllable.
But bird-to-human transmission is relatively controllable because diseased flocks can be isolated or, usually, eliminated.
Capital equipment and controllable property shall be tagged with a unique identification for the purpose of inventory control.

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