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The other babies were the control group and were not shown the monkey photos again.
One group of volunteers then received eight weeks of training in meditation, while a control group did not.
None of the members of an untreated control group survived the four-month period over which the experiment was conducted.
Game players, it turned out, were no more aggressive than the control group.
The control group did not show activity in these parts of their brains when listening to the psalm.
When the data was unblinded, the researchers learned that the four who had died were in the control group.
Only by subtracting the improvement in a placebo control group could the actual value of the drug be calculated.
In other experiments, consumers who felt powerless and alone chose larger portions than participants in the control group.
Subjects came up with significantly more unique uses for the everyday items, than the control group who stared straight ahead.
Overall, the first music-exercising group experienced half as many falls as the control group.
But when the control group started striding to songs six months in, they gained the same benefits.
The spray and antibiotic combination helped more mice live through the plague compared with a control group.
The control group did a more conventional cognitive learning program that entailed viewing educational videos on art and history.
For the control group, she simply painted over the markings inherent in the wasps' faces, without changing their patterns.
True to form, the control group preferred their own race and gender.
It isn't as if you raised these kids in a lab and have a control group.
The study does not compare their performance with a sceptical control group.
In an outcomes study they would only serve as a control group.
Surprise, surprise, the distracted group didn't do as well on the test-10 points worse than the control group.
Lithium reduced the resulting brain damage by half compared with other rats in a control group.
The control group simply described a part of their daily routine.
They had a control group that went through the operation, incision and all but not the final critical step.
With no cultural control group it's impossible to tell whether the results reported are cultural artifacts or not.
Sixty-nine percent of the control group chose to roll.
There is no control group, he observes, that lets you measure what you missed.
The control group got advice on how to eat a low saturated fat diet.
In the fibromyalgia study, for example, the control group was given stretching exercises and wellness education.
Those found not to have sleep apnea served as the comparison or control group.

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For me, as a beginning novelist, all other living writers form a control group for whom the world is a plac... more
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