control freak in a sentence

Example sentences for control freak

Canadians have not warmed to him: he comes over as a bloodless control freak.
Colleagues describe a nocturnal control freak with a stubborn streak.
He was a control freak, who created a proprietorial cash cow, while convincing his exploited customers that he was a saviour.
As it turns out, however, he is both generous in answering questions and not a control freak.
Physical control: be a control freak with problem weeds.
In the soul of the bureaucratic machine there lurks a control freak.
In short he is a major control freak and is driving all of us nuts.

Famous quotes containing the word control freak

I'm anal retentive. I'm a workaholic. I have insomnia. And I'm a control freak. That's why I'm not married.... more
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