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Researchers say the robots could command themselves and other robots with little input from ground control.
News about arms control and limitation and disarmament.
But self-awareness is not the same thing as self-control.
It's a fantasy of control and protection in times that seem out of control and scary.
The challenges of inventory control as you're living out of a carry-on for a week.
As drugs took control of her hands, the surface of her paintings became rough, her brushwork agitated.
With one disease under control, he would now go gunning for another.
It's based on meticulous environment control, not chemicals.
It may be that females need to control the limited supply to meet the nutritional demands of pregnancy and lactation.
Eliza tries to control herself and feel indifferent as she rises and walks across to the hearth to switch off the lights.
The only immediate utility of all sciences, is to teach us, how to control and regulate future events by their causes.
Statesmanship not only requires a knowledge of the principles that control human beings, but it also requires moral courage.
But my private preferences cannot control my public actions.
To accomplish goals such as reaching for a meal or swimming, however, an octopus must be able to control its eight appendages.
The egg develops into a maggot, which appears to control the ant's behavior.
The other babies were the control group and were not shown the monkey photos again.
Also, manual control of exposure is difficult to achieve.
For example, predator control that largely eliminated large predators has been shown to impact both prey and other species.
Next to each problem record how social views and activities influence or control the problem.
More efficiently use existing water resources and better control salinization to improve arid lands.
Yet no global monitoring system exists to identify and control diseases as they emerge.
Her keepers will be able to control her growth rate, to some extent, by limiting or increasing her food.
They developed pain medicines, birth-control drugs, and treatment for scurvy.
To gun-control advocates, this is self-evident madness.
Enthusiasts for population control say they do not want coercion.
Nobody knows who, in a week's time, will be in control.
But, in the absence of a fundamental change in military control on the ground, that failed to happen.
Clicking on this map allows text messages to be sent back to users in the field from the control centre.
And yet campaigners for gun control have not been cast into utter gloom.
The system could right itself or spin out of human control.
Good parenting and self-control can help, study finds.
The problem with his idea: proof is slim that any human could control fire that far back.
From fungi to flies, some parasitic species have figured out how to control their host's behavior to get what they need.
In addition to color control, many of the squid can produce light and control its intensity.
So the development of a new control to stop the virus comes as welcome news.
Many people are fearful of a loss of privacy and control from smart meters.
They'd shown that a beam of light could control brain activity with great precision.
Which is to say, they offer the illusion of control.
After years of centralization, a new kind of startup wants to give control back to users.
Even if access to birth control is a core liberty, it need not be secured via employers and health insurance.
But taking away some control from diners allows a chef to craft an entire culinary experience.
Noise control was supposed to shift to the state and local levels, but those levels had their budgetary constraints as well.
Gardening is all about control, while gathering requires you to relinquish it.
It would, for example, be eminently possible to have a private air-traffic control system.
The way to help children become rational consumers is to give them more control, not less.
She thinks the government's efforts to control compensation directly are typically ineffective.
Apple's insistence on control should not come as a surprise to close listeners of her work.
The current scandal has disrupted, if not shattered, this image of perfect control.
Intensive-care units take artificial control of failing bodies.
We chose a quiet dip between two hills, a spot where drivers were almost required to skid out of control.
He also had long been interested in a pollution-control mechanism called cap-and-trade.
Two minutes after the water arrived, the plant's main control rooms began to lose electrical power.
There's also the risk of inflation getting out of control.
As a control sample, the scientists gave the same puzzles to forty-eight students working by themselves.
There are a lot of conditions that are really out of your control.
Skin should look fresh and clean with a light dusting of powder to control shine.
Fueling all this is a near-pathological hatred of the conglomerates that now control the networks and studios.
Unstoppable is a movie about an unmanned, out-of-control freight train.
There he wielded control over everything-especially his laptop.
Suddenly there were a thousand people in the street, and the police had to come and control the crowd.
In a larger sense, it's less about gender than about power, control.
He was also, frankly, worried about his own situation-it was time for damage control.
Researchers demonstrate a new way to refine magnetic control of tiny robotic pushers.
Researchers develop more sophisticated ways to control the brain with light.
Patients use nerves left intact after amputations to control prosthetic limbs.
Taking control of computers with our hands and bodies is set to become commonplace.
To use flux, a phisher needs to control a domain name, which gives him the right to control its name server.
New tools are allowing neuroscientists to precisely control neurons.
We are now using these tools to learn how to control behavioral outputs, with great precision and power.
It also requires a little more automated on-board control than cars currently have but not an unrealistic amount.
To simplify it further for businesses lets have power boxes wired to a remote console that can control the power.
That's because it's difficult to control how thickly these materials are printed, which affects the quality of the device.
The genetic malfunction bestowed the cell with the ability to grow out of control, ultimately creating lung cancer.
They would legislate away health insurance coverage of birth control.
Stability and traction control ensure proper manners under all conditions.
It measures the ability to use and control both positive and negative emotions and responses to situations.
To bring a financial crisis under control requires firm leadership and ample financial resources.
Imperialist apologetics will no doubt be with us as long as one nation has the power to control another.
But this would have given the government effective control of a large part of the banking system.
In decision after decision, his administration tore at the web of arms control treaties that had grown up over four decades.
By such means, the pharmaceutical industry has gained enormous control over how doctors evaluate and use its own products.
Citizens would lose effective control over their representatives.
Physically small and weak, economically dependent upon others, they cannot control their environment.
Teachers in those programs are barred from mentioning condoms and birth control-except their failure rates.
The control of nations was at stake, one side lost, and the other prevailed.
The area where heavy looting has occurred, for example, is largely under the control of a few tribes.
Outlines biological, chemical, and mechanical control methods for invasive plants.
In order to retain the public credibility of all traffic control devices, consistency in application is necessary.
The neural signals they detect might someday control a bionic arm.
Twenty-nine dogs observed a human yawning or making control mouth movements.
Twenty-one dogs yawned when they observed a human yawning, but control mouth movements did not elicit yawning from any of them.
They can control a rail switch or a valve on a pipeline.
Previous studies have largely failed to control for social factors when these mechanisms were targeted.
To control their temperature, they have to use their environment.
Many scientists have developed programmes for improving self-control at an early age.
The partnership goes three ways, but the power is not equal-milkweed is in control.
Cancer occurs when cells grow out of control, he says.
Lithium reduced the resulting brain damage by half compared with other rats in a control group.
They also check to see what nearby control plants, sans caterpillars, are doing.
She also mocks my uncle who is diabetic, because he has a much more stricter control over his diet than her.
There, researchers use an adjustable shutter to control how long objects are exposed to the beam.
Most mobile military robots in use today are piloted via remote control by a human operator.

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