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The explanation offered for evolving sleep seem contrived.
Concern with appearance, contrived or not, fits with the town's reputation as exclusionary.
The funny thing about this photo is that the whole thing is contrived.
However, the drawback here is that it could cause players to lose a sense of discovery, or make the experience feel contrived.
Everything in the piece is contrived to promote disapproval rather than understanding.
He contrived a rollout plan for his online operation that was remarkably akin to the one his brother had used for the superstores.
Success, whether real or contrived, makes researchers hubristic and untouchable.
As pointed out by others, her argument is contrived.
If human ingenuity had not contrived the combustion engine, the polar caps wouldn't be melting today.
So in fact the problem has become quite contrived in order to double your odds.
It could easily be a small model or otherwise contrived scene.
Truth is winning out over contrived fiction and junk science.
Both crosses, accidental and contrived, remained in place.
The books can seem contrived or over-plotted, the characters sometimes insufficiently imagined.
Even when the symbols and images are idealized, contrived or manipulative.
In some cases, secrecy isn't contrived, but an actual symptom of an act coming from out of nowhere.
And one must try to do that, one must try to keep the poem seeming sudden and abrupt even though it has been slowly contrived.
She wondered if it was somewhat contrived to have everything prepped so conveniently for us.
Along with the kitsch that devolves from all folk art, this blending of the authentic and the contrived typifies the markets.
If the latter, see the discussion here about why such interpretations are considered highly contrived.
One obvious point to make is that almost every natural model is horribly contrived.
By construction all current observations will then be identical, but the initial state will be more natural and less contrived.
The science may seem contrived and outlandish, but such technology truly isn't so far off.
Instead, it seemed that every idea and action was contrived extemporaneously, and without scheme or strategy.
It wasn't unpleasant to watch, but seemed as contrived as a sweeps-month stunt.
The first stage in the evolution is contingent and cannot be contrived.
Others still contrived to take their families with them into labor duty.
And there, if all goes well, it will stick-blocking the hole in a manner suitable to its rather contrived acronym.
Some of that control was enforced through political power or contrived through mercantile guile.
Corporate philanthropy is often derided for being contrived, manipulative or a form of moralistic theft from shareholders.
They've had elaborately contrived plots involving bets, tricks and lies.
Even the government's spite seems largely contrived.
That's a pointless thought-experiment because it's so contrived.
For what it's worth, the early reviews are about what you'd expect: the series sounds a little trashy, a little contrived.
As fast as laws are devised, their evasion is contrived.
But it may be freely admitted that the old play is well contrived, and written in a light, easy style which is not unpleasing.
He was holding it inside his coat, and it contrived to wiggle partly down the sleeve.
Generally it proved to be only foragers and disbanded pillagers, who contrived to make off before they were taken by surprise.
Neither one seems to believe that what they're watching is contrived.
Stone-dressers will not be pleased to hear of a newly-contrived machine for dressing stone by hand.
The film is at once a competent, somewhat contrived espionage thriller and a dizzily clever parody of spy-movie conventions.
And everything which happens in the picture is as cheaply opportunist and contrived as that arbitrary definition.
In this case, it's the guests at a church wedding who register their opinion of the story's contrived romance.
If it all seems a bit contrived, it is, but the owners are unabashed about their tradition-building.
There is nothing contrived or manipulative about her work.
Determination of gross income: artificially contrived transactions.

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