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Example sentences for contrivance

One is overly aware of the long arms of coincidence and contrivance.
Only some psychological contrivance can lure them to act in their own self interests.
She not only sings beautifully but her luminous interpretations truly communicate as well, without contrivance.
But the winds never picked up and the center never formed sufficiently for such human contrivance.
All the while, the audience is supposed to be regaled by the sheer craft and contrivance of it all.
Without a cultural context, vegan has seemed more contrivance than a cuisine.
Within the film's context, however, this contrivance works magnificently.
But a hint of mechanical contrivance is soon and ominously dropped with the word that the blonde is a deceiver.
It has an air of studied contrivance and artificiality.
Its resolution ultimately revolves around a mechanical plot contrivance.
On occasion there's a flourish of realism as one or the other approximates a human being rather than a dramatic contrivance.
Even she seemed to realize she was merely a plot contrivance.
Till the next morning, however, she was not aware of all the felicity of her contrivance.
The essay is as much a contrivance as the poem itself.
Letting the contrivance reveal itself, or teasing at the edges of being objective.
But the scripts resort to contrivance and coincidence to keep the pair at the center of events.
It is, in fact, a rather obvious and narrowly confined piece of comical contrivance for the genial performer to command.
What he enjoyed was deploying dancers in choreographic patterns of his own contrivance.
Though the effect seems naturalistic, it is the result of artful contrivance.
The painting is an artful contrivance to convey three aspects of his public image: soldier, emperor, and administrator.

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