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Example sentences for contrition

Real contrition rests on awareness and regret, not political expediency.
He showed no readiness for reflection, much less contrition.
But another everyday observation is that powerful people who have been caught out often show little sign of contrition.
Contrition, pessimism and voluminous disclosure are the order of the day.
We know that humiliation, deflated pride, and cultural contrition can be improving.
In truth, this was not an act of contrition but an act of containment.
The congressmen scoffed at it as a cynical stunt or else a phony act of contrition.
They've all changed their tunes, a little or a lot, with various degrees of contrition.
For this, and for disrespecting the national pastime with his alleged deceptions, fans want his contrition.
Yet the weight given contrition cannot be beyond review for reasonableness.
Those expecting an expression of contrition were disappointed.
In the district court's view, these actions demonstrated a lack of remorse or contrition.
Criminal conduct, whatever its nature, is a powerful indicium of a lack of contrition.
He expresses neither remorse nor contrition for his actions, blaming all of them on a need for monies.
Following a period of remorse and contrition by the abuser, the couple reunites and commences a new cycle of tension and violence.
After the abusive incident, a third loving contrition stage follows.
We consider this contrition, albeit belated, to be a mitigating factor in the consideration of the appropriate sanction.
They expressed no contrition for their crimes, and were at times openly belligerent about their actions.
He expressed his remorse and contrition with conviction.
Contrition at the last opportunity has limited impact in comparison with well over a year of misrepresentations and excuses.

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Oh, to vex me, contraries meet in one: Inconstancy unnaturally hath begot A constant habit; that when I would not I chan... more
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