contrite in a sentence

Example sentences for contrite

She may, in fact, get away with a warning if she seems contrite and/or genuinely confused.
Read it quickly, and it sounds terrifically contrite.
They found him in his backyard beside the pool, shaken from the hospital visit and seemingly contrite.
Under cross-examination he came across as pushy and even indignant, rather than contrite.
They had seen others be jerks, or had been jerks themselves, and were contrite about it.
Although her contrite parent decides to let her make the attempt, the going isn't smooth until she wins a contest in a night club.
After inmates submit and act contrite, they are often again treated kindly.
Finally, during his appearance, he testified that he was remorseful and contrite regarding his criminal behavior.

Famous quotes containing the word contrite

Love has no charm when Love is swept to earth: you'd make a lop-winged god, frozen and contrite, of god up-... more
The tumult and the shouting dies; The Captains and the Kings depart: Still stands Thine ancient sacrifice, An humble and... more
So spake our Father penitent; nor Eve Felt less remorse. They, forthwith to the place Repairing where he judged them, pr... more
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