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Example sentences for contributor

To this journal he became a contributor, and later was for a time its nominal editor.
The street as a playground is a heavy contributor to the undertaker's bank account in more than one way.
Greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-fuel-based electricity generation is a major contributor to climate change.
However it isn't a likely contributor, and pristine abiogenesis seems simple enough.
The biggest contributor to the energy intensity is the aluminum frames.
In fact, the number one contributor to that effect for this world.
Please note, it is a proven fact that excess greenhouse gases are a major contributor to global warming.
The fact that humans are a major contributor is also established through evidence.
Currently, pipeline leaks are the main culprit, but fracking is a quickly growing contributor.
It was out of place to panic over vaccines but it is also incorrect to completely dismiss vaccines as a contributor as well.
The immune system is a known contributor to other conditions.
Another contributor is changes in ocean circulation.
Human activity is the biggest contributor to the increase in methane production into our atmosphere.
Globally, soot from sources such as forest fires and power stations is considered a major contributor to climate.
Another important contributor to the slow acceptance of these new ideas is the vilification of dietary fats.
Furthermore, rightly or not, you inherit some varnish as a contributor here.
Asthma is a big contributor to keeping allergists in business.
The yearbooks show him as a respectable contributor but not a star.
Indeed, its levy on oil products has become a big contributor to the public coffers.
The results suggest that traffic congestion is a significant contributor to poor health in affected infants.
Provide too many options, and the potential contributor faces too much choice, and may leave without posting a contribution.
Agriculture is itself a big contributor to climate change.
Stimulus is one, but not the major, contributor to the increased debt.
Biofuel production from grains and oilseeds is a major contributor to high food prices and likely to remain so.
Financial markets are an extremely valuable contributor to the economy.
Coal smoke is not the sole cause of these deaths, but it is a major contributor.
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