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Nicole explained that the prime minister knew about my studies and that the gift was intended to be a contribution to my studies.
It would also make a lasting contribution to science.
He perceived that different coffee-houses stood for widely different interests, and he laid them all under contribution.
But the contribution from the foreconscious, which is missing here, may be found in another place.
For too long, the measurement of scientific contribution has centered on the publication.
But it's his contribution to the field of temporal physics for which he is best remembered.
However, the real contribution of this paper isn't even these statistically significant results.
Ask your student council to make a contribution to a local organization dedicated to recovering species.
Recycling as much of your household garbage as possible can significantly reduce your contribution to landfills.
There are plenty of ways to reduce this contribution.
We take into account only the player's contribution to that specific franchise.
Crickets make a big contribution to the sounds of a summer night.
Wiles made a significant contribution and was the one who pulled the work together into what he thought was a proof.
But this increase accounts for only about half of the expected contribution from human activity.
They still contain hydrocarbons and/or compressed gases notorious for their contribution to global warming.
But there are a number of reasons why it has proved difficult to identify their contribution to neutralizing the deadly virus.
But it is within our ability to both be better prepared for it, and to mitigate our contribution to it.
Anything that can green up the operating efficiencies of new shipping by double-digit percentages would be a notable contribution.
It would be great to have no global warming and to minimize human contribution to global warming.
My own lasting contribution will perhaps be a photographic history of this era.
Its size, though, has not prevented it from making a major contribution to the natural sciences.
Yes, or that their contribution is relatively small.
And your work has shown that the environment makes a huge contribution to your health.
That's how a public sector employee can get benefits twice as high for each dollar of contribution as a private sector worker.
It's not a contribution to the knowledge of civil engineering as a discipline.
When you join our team, you're making a contribution to a better tomorrow.
It's a start, and my wary contribution to desperately needed education reform.
Be open to sharing credit with others, even if you feel you have made a disproportionate contribution to the research.
In their cover letters, applicants are encouraged to address their potential contribution to the promotion of this diversity.
Such a site should explain why your work makes that contribution.
People with a college education earn more than others, but their higher earnings do not reflect the whole of their contribution.
For that reason alone it will make a sizeable contribution to world growth this year.
Even though he didn't live to hear the verdict, his contribution to the field of immunology is pioneering.
While any individual contribution can be criticised, it is more difficult to refute a large number all showing the same results.
Indians often see frugal innovation as their distinctive contribution to management thinking.
But their chief contribution to society comes from their area of specialisation.
Many pension schemes were in surplus, allowing employers to take contribution holidays and to improve benefits.
Public-sector pensions for new employees must become defined-contribution plans, as in the private sector.
Similarly, the growth is inconsistent with the contribution of fiscal stimulus which has turned negative lately.
With defined-contribution plans and increasing state retirement ages, the company no longer has the same leverage.
As workers earn more, their pension contribution goes up steadily.
Rural areas make an important contribution to the economy.
We therefore expect the foreign balance to continue to make a positive contribution to growth.
The result is particularly impressive in light of the small contribution made by oil and gas.
Apple's contribution is the design and software-and, importantly, integrating the innovations of others.
And even a small amount of it, added to an existing gas-based recovery process, can make a useful contribution.
To date studies on the exact contribution of global imbalances or their drivers to the crisis are inconclusive.
That's why it's worth thinking about the great contribution to the art of the cinema that sound brought about: neutrality.
So that is a big and enduring contribution-some amount of fluctuation does come out of a perfectly functioning economy.
The process is simple and inviting, and it resists efforts to control the results of any contribution.
Its contribution would be direct heat to warm us up.
But viewing technology's contribution so far has been to allow the viewer not to watch the advertising.
One big contribution will be expected from the airport authorities.
Perhaps this is because that was the biggest genetic contribution.
Not for this image alone, of course, but for their contribution to putting this world into perspective.
Awesome work and thank for your great contribution and sharing.
Obviously, that's the kind of thing that should not be encouraged: socially negative contribution.
But the backlash to disco as a contribution to moral decay was intense.
Using this method will get you each employee's share of the employer contribution.
It is striking that externality taxes could make a substantial contribution to reducing the long-term federal deficit.
His chief contribution to our civilization is his leadership in the understanding of nature.
My modest contribution to the revolution was a quip.
The article is a sophisticated contribution to the public debate.
Shive's study is not a successful refutation of the theory but an important contribution to its ongoing revision.
Those of you who get a matching contribution from your employer can count additional blessings.

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