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Zooxanthellae provide coral with food energy through photosynthesis and contribute to the organisms' vibrant color.
The other terminal nuclei of the vestibular nerve also contribute fibers.
His flesh will furnish a common feast, and hence all must contribute to support him in his life.
The unemployment fund is a general one, and all workers contribute to it.
Ask students to contribute words describing what they know about pirates.
Ask students to contribute words that describe the weather in the places they have seen on the map.
Ask students to contribute words that come to mind when they think of pirates.
But there are different kinds of pollution-some visible, some invisible-that contribute to global warming.
Read out loud the ocean layers on the poster paper, and have students contribute their drawings that correspond to each layer.
Write their words on the board as they contribute their ideas.
Ask students to contribute their ideas as to why this is the case.
Pollution and human development along nesting beaches also contribute to the decline.
The phenomenon is thought to contribute to hurricane formation during the summer months.
Llamas contribute much more than transportation to the human communities in which they live.
We have the knowledge that can contribute to finding solutions to the crisis of climate change.
Everyone was asked to contribute ideas for the ad, but ultimately the group had to decide on only one.
For some complex conditions all the genes that contribute to risk have not yet been discovered.
Even today, readers contribute no more than one, or sometimes two pages to the newspaper.
Fisher showed that good management of the money supply could contribute to stability.
Wikis are collaborative web pages that allow readers to edit and contribute.
Developers contribute voluntarily, and share code freely.
It will find expectations running ahead of it: the more it proves it can contribute, the more will be demanded of it.
New technologies and new media do not contribute to the problem of plagiarism as alleged by a previous commentator.
And it would be created not by paid experts and editors, but by whoever wanted to contribute.
That's why we're inviting you to vote these techniques up or down and to contribute your own management techniques below.
Meanwhile, you contribute to their influence and follower tally.
Looking at food, if in fact you are to some degree hungrier, should be expected to contribute to reporting more hungry.
The observed effect is certainly based on the osmotic effect, although indeed a few components of honey may contribute a bit.
In real life many factors contribute to something becoming harmful.
Other factors, such as connections between the brain and motor neurons controlling the voice, also contribute to vocal learning.
Climate change, meanwhile, is expected to contribute to droughts.
Researchers do not completely understand the mechanisms that contribute to cell survival under adverse conditions.
But though earthquakes can cause tsunamis, a combination of other factors can contribute to triggering them too.
Eccentric muscle contraction and other musculoskeletal injuries can contribute to the problem.
There is some evidence that bacterial particles contribute to cloud formation by providing surfaces for water to condense onto.
Left unchecked, this problem will contribute to ever-increasing health care costs and higher disease rates.
Since then, scientists have raced to improve their understanding of the processes that contribute to sea level rise.
Also the stress of the natural gait and the fear of falling would contribute.
Living foods keep people healthy and dead foods contribute to people s early demise.
Lobbyists can still attend events and contribute, however.
It encourages everyone to contribute a family tree to the site.
In order to contribute to the larger life of society, students must be able to draw on varied bodies of knowledge.
Such conversations can drain your energy and contribute to feelings of resentment and lethargy as the new term begins.
The invitation email isn't spam, only authors selected based on their research history are invited to contribute.
These factors contribute to make the animals adapted in different ways.
Have current foreign students contribute information they wish they had known before arriving.
Think about how you could contribute to those things.
Some evidence suggests that once people reach a certain income level, increases in wealth contribute almost nothing.
It does ultimately contribute to diversity on a campus to have this information.
They understand because they have seen how all the parts contribute to a good, if not elegant, scientific study.
But neither they nor a student member is without something to contribute.
Together they could contribute to message boards, create groups, or develop independent projects.
High-school administrators also can contribute to the problem.
Use the lists and resulting categories to show how pervasive org culture is and the things that contribute to it.
Make sure it's achievable and has the potential to contribute new knowledge.
Be on time for every meeting, come prepared, and contribute.
Ask him, succinctly and directly, whether he would be willing to contribute a reference on your behalf.
Know what others think and contribute your own thoughts.
The buyers are people who can contribute amounts ranging from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars.
Snacking on small amounts of nuts and consuming wine in moderation also contribute to antioxidant consumption.
The parents in intact families are far more likely to contribute to children's college costs than are those in disrupted families.
One is that marriages are increasingly between socioeconomic equals, who each contribute economically to the partnership.
Logic and rationality might contribute a bit to these questions but cannot answer them.
Nothing will contribute more to that than an extended re-litigation of the last eight years.
Estrogen and progesterone both reduce oxidative stress in the brain, which could significantly contribute to brain health.
In regular silicon, each photon will knock loose only one electron to contribute to electric current.
Random movement of gas does not contribute to the uneven distribution of gas.
They also contribute to the difficulty of creating a one-size-fits-all vaccine.
Obesity, limited roaming space, and lack of companionship are thought to contribute to the early deaths.
The particles may also contribute to cloud formation.
But those who stand outside of the research world have a growing number of ways to contribute as well.
But testosterone declines naturally with age, and stress is known to contribute to cellular aging.
All regions of the world contribute pollutants, he notes.
Might as well shoot-'em in the gut for all the good your don't-ask-don't-cure mindset can contribute.
Curiously, there was recently a study that found that gut microbes positively contribute to resistance to the flu.
Yvonne, a marriage counselor, will contribute her considerable peacekeeping skills.
The editors asked me to contribute a piece on human evolution.
Yes, humans and our activities contribute to the problem.
She even wondered what, if anything she might have done to contribute to her getting the cancer.
To any finite order in that expansion, only a finite number of couplings contribute to the amplitude for some physical process.
In fact, that line has to contribute because it's on the ice so much.
Many brain activities contribute to sleep and wakefulness.

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