contravene in a sentence

Example sentences for contravene

He made the basic decisions to contravene policies established by law and by his own commitments.
So, anyone who seeks to contravene this implied contract will have trouble.
But the name has given rise to expectations that contravene reality.
Critics claim that such tests contravene the spirit, if not the letter, of the test-ban treaty.
But that does not mean a new rule can contravene any specific provision of the lease.
And all because his willful widow chose to contravene his wishes.
Nature is always consistent, though she feigns to contravene her own laws.
The rest contravene local wildlife-protection laws that forbid swiftlet farms in urban areas.
The statute does not contravene any state or federal directive regarding the compensation of licensed attorneys.
In the case at bar, in our view, the physical impact provision in the policy is valid and does not contravene public policy.
They contravene what they hold dear as educators and as a society.
Third, enforcement does not contravene a strong public policy.
Nothing in this rule shall be construed to contravene the plain view doctrine.
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