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Compare and contrast causes for extinction, past and present.
Ask students to compare and contrast several of the countries.
After all students have presented their reports, have students compare and contrast information.
In contrast to the plain walls, these bear elaborate designs.
In contrast, next door is what appears to be a dilapidated steel plant facing foreclosure.
They were a wholesome and pleasant contrast to the rondeaux and delicate decadence of which healthy readers had grown sick.
There is a chance of an allergic reaction to the dye, even if you have received contrast dye in the past without any problem.
Contrast dye flows through the catheter into the bladder.
The x-rays are taken from various angles while the bladder is full of contrast dye.
Also mention if you've had allergic reactions to x-ray contrast material or any iodine-containing substance.
Some colors are brighter than others, and the contrast between dark and light colors is heightened.
The health care provider injects dye, called contrast medium, into the bile ducts.
Contrast helps highlight certain areas they can be seen better.
In general, a dye called contrast material is injected into an artery or vein, depending on the body part being examined.
In contrast, in systems that are more integrated and flexible, there are lots of options for completing your studies.
In contrast, both search and threading promote more effective finding.
By contrast, students from families in the top quartile account for well over half of total enrollment.
He was struck by the aversion of social scientists, in contrast, to seriously approach the problem of human elimination.
Contrast that to nearly all learning materials produced by colleges today.
In higher education, by contrast, success is defined in ways that have little or nothing to do with student learning.
In contrast, another of the exams promised to be a complete surprise.
Slow and patient reading, by contrast, properly belongs to our leisure hours.
Understanding, in stark contrast, simplifies things so that everyone can grasp the issues.
The winter solstice, by contrast, is the first day of winter and the shortest day of the year.
The precision of the background star trails is an interesting contrast to the chaotic pattern of the firefly flashes.
By contrast, a genome is the full set of genes that gives rise to a particular species.
The contrast is also emphasized by the beautiful turquoise sea and puffy white clouds.
In contrast, conventional hydropower technologies often rely on the construction of tall dams that flood the area behind them.
And in contrast to the giant animals found in the seas, river giants often live close to dense human populations.
High daytime temperatures there contrast with cooler readings at night.
Services, in contrast, appear to be a graveyard for productivity.
In contrast, countries where the downturn was deepest have the weakest recoveries.
Those who smuggle counterfeit medicines, by contrast, have often faced lax enforcement and light punishment.
The budget package, by contrast, is largely her handiwork.
Goldman, in contrast, seems determined to hold on to its risk-taking culture.
By contrast, there is no obvious reason to unbundle narrative books into individual chapters or paragraphs.
The sugar people, by contrast, prefer to follow the market's signals in deciding whether cane is crystallised or distilled.
By contrast, television's unit of output is already the size people want it.
The other camp, by contrast, thinks that the spectrum can be chopped into categories anywhere along its length.
More contrast means the easier the putter is to align to the target.
The strong market for graduates stands in contrast with the weakness in the labor market generally.
And there, by contrast, actively managed funds don't hold up well.
Oil molecules, in contrast, are nonpolar and hydrophobic.
Sally, in contrast, had never done any serious climbing and did not consider herself a mountaineer.
Brain tissue, in contrast, showed significant differences among the groups.
Males, in contrast, kept learning them until around seven months of age.
The left parietal, in contrast, can attend to only the right side of the world.
By contrast, cells also contain a single, nonmotile cilium known as the primary cilium.
In contrast, manipulating neutral objects that are atomic in size is a formidable technical challenge.
It may be that older neurons do not benefit from an estrogenic environment in contrast to healthy neurons.
In contrast to last week's study other laboratories have never reproduced the dramatic findings on which such arguments are based.
Contrast this with the plummeting cost of solar power highlighted in the same article.
Now contrast that to the claim that the glaciers are growing.
In contrast, control mice without the genetic mutation strongly preferred the sucrose solution.
In contrast, an infected animal loses its innate fear of cats.
In contrast, deism grants reason the edge, and insists that theists justify revelation with the use of reason.
The disdain for dark-skinned foreigners, in contrast, was and remains relatively uncomplicated.
In contrast, managers hired by the owner-stockholders ran the corporation.
Writers, in contrast, do nothing because they are waiting for inspiration.
Contrast ratio is a significant aspect of image quality.
Pocket-sized movie machines improve in control, contrast, and focus.
In brightly lit, high-contrast settings the camera had difficulty focusing on vividly colored objects.
The spray-on fabric, in contrast, is lightweight and can be stored in your closet with other clothes.
In contrast, non-rental frogs showed a distribution lopsided toward the high end of jump length.
We, by contrast, are being transformed into actual giants.
The contrast was probably the biggest tell of the evening.
Everything here, in contrast, is hobbled by perfunctory haste.
By contrast, well-informed people are more likely to ask others for help.
Recitals, by contrast, are controlled riots of communication.
In contrast, the father of all her children was programmed to die almost immediately after the mating.
The garden grew luxuriantly, hidden from public view, providing a contrast from the turbulent world beyond.
When you buy a publicly traded company, by contrast, you typically have to pay a steep takeover premium.
The contrast between the candidates is even sharper with respect to the third branch of government.
The impact of rising fuel prices, by contrast, has been swift and appreciable.
By contrast, the computer on your desk consumes a million times as much energy per calculation.
In contrast, those alleles who did not have great selective value would be purified from the gene pool.
The point of the comparison is to contrast two competing modes of scientific communication, as embodied by our two heroes.
The old-fashioned craft of tissue sectioning, by contrast, is wholly individual and highly intimate.
By contrast, virtually all previous articles about it leave primitive habitats unmentioned.
But the contrast between the two types of spirals is striking.
The timing of the early-onset variety, by contrast, was already known to have a large genetic component.
Conway, in contrast, calls himself a mathematical magpie.
In contrast you have a lot of generation to generation variation, and rapid change in frequency, in a small population.
In contrast, you can look at a plot in a microsecond, and quickly scan between interesting features.
In contrast to this work, there have been many serious attempts at understanding animal communication.
Sans-serif types, in contrast, present a thicket of vertical strokes that slow down the eye's horizontal movement.
There is a complete lack of emotional contrast, and yet this movement was extremely popular in the late nineteenth century.
My inquiries into the nonprofit world, by contrast, left me heartened.
By contrast, suppose you and your neighbor have bet on whether today's peak temperature would exceed fifty degrees.
Sometimes the contrast helps them understand their own faith better.
In contrast, there was evidence that parents' job descriptions swayed doctors' opinions.
Consultants, by contrast, are the corporate apostles of change.
By contrast, a hemorrhagic stroke occurs when there is bleeding in the brain.
Special dyes, known as contrast agents, are often used in medical scans to improve the visibility of internal body structures.
In contrast, implicit memory might only come into play when external stimuli trigger concepts.
By contrast, the amorphous or polycrystalline silicon transistors used in existing displays are not transparent.
In contrast, entering that same vague question into a search engine yields completely nonsensical results.
That's in stark contrast to other types of switching where optical losses are an important limitation of switching performance.
Naturally occurring materials, by contrast, don't interact with the magnetic component of electromagnetic waves.
In a folksonomy, by contrast, definitions are fuzzier.
Solar thermal plants, by contrast, are already being built with thermal storage.
In contrast, the researchers use what's known as nonradiative energy that is bound up near the coils.

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