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Contrary to popular opinion, cheese and wine aren't an easy match.
But contrary to myth, he never sharpened his spikes.
And, contrary to popular perceptions, mammals did not escape the extinction event unscathed.
On the contrary, he was their enemy's enemy and thus their friend, emancipator and guardian.
Contrary to popular belief, cats aren't as independent as many people think.
However, contrary to the popular saying, you can be too thin.
Contrary to popular belief, cooking alcohol does not burn it all off.
Contrary to prevailing wisdom, large earthquakes can interact in unexpected ways.
Contrary to conventional wisdom, heart muscle cells do regenerate after heart attacks, researchers have found.
Contrary to popular belief, morality is not relative.
Despite a previous belief to the contrary, fat does have flavor after all.
Contrary to what some have said, my article does not answer these questions.
Their propaganda is based on no research, in fact, ignores research to the contrary.
Quite the contrary: the few studies done seemed to indicate they had either no interest or a distinct aversion to it.
Contrary to popular belief around the diamond, researchers say swinging a heavier bat during practice actually hurts bat speed.
Contrary to what many industry advocates might say, scientists are not trying to cause panic among consumers.
Yet there is also plenty of evidence to the contrary.
Thats not to say that they don't need protection, on the contrary.
He must step backwards, for it is only when one determination is suppressed that the contrary determination can take place.
For these reasons four contrary theories were evolved.
The only cure for this, as for any other miscarriage, is by use to introduce the contrary habit.
Contrary to myth, the major danger from a tornado is not being sucked into the maw of the storm.
Contrary to popular belief, not all armadillos are able to encase themselves in their shells.
Contrary to popular belief, a beautiful day doesn't automatically make beautiful pictures.
Contrary to popular opinion, not all cold-loving animals can simply retreat north in the face of global warming.
On the contrary, rituals remain an important and enduring aspect of our daily life.
Contrary to its reputation among some people, it does not eat larger animals such as chickens and cats.
Contrary to many an old tale, camels don't store all that water in their humps.
Folklore to the contrary, their prowess does have limits.
Contrary to more than a century of northern chauvinism, the northern continents have the youngest placental mammals.
Contrary to their name, wetlands are not always wet.
Contrary to popular belief, the elephant's brain is not small.
It has happened, to the contrary, amid constant human presence.
To state that it's a myth that rhino horn has any medicinal benefits also that it reduced fever in rats is contrary.
Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a special bike to go touring.
Despite rumors to the contrary, saguaro cactuses are not vanishing.
Forensic errors are common, despite industry claims to the contrary, according to the study.
On the contrary, these societies are perfectly capable of changing.
There is no reason why the oceans should be so neglected, quite the contrary.
Contrary to popular belief, they do have room enough to strut and flex their wings-but not much.
Contrary to popular belief, some people still shoot on film.
On the contrary: in some instances, important evidence leading to the prosecution of criminals may be scattered.
Contrary to such popular belief, the report says, in reality the forests have only a limited effect on major floods.
Contrary to appearances, her role was not an ancient one.
And over the century since it was discovered, no experiment has ever suggested the contrary.
Despite intense speculation to the contrary, human-rights concerns have not prevented the loan from being made.
On the contrary, it is a natural stage of economic development.
On the contrary, many believe they must show off to be taken seriously.
On the contrary, over the past couple of years it has managed to alarm all its neighbours.
Contrary to popular belief, not every item in the stores costs a dollar.
Yet contrary to repeated forecasts of doom from orthodox economists, the economy is roaring.
Despite hopes to the contrary, the industry is not immune to the recession.
On the contrary, political integration is a logical and necessary step before the economic integration embodied in the euro.
On the contrary: it is progressing at a lunatic pace.
On the contrary, it is likely to speed their adoption.
Nor, despite hopeful talk to the contrary, is there much prospect of an experiment being devised.
The company knows how to earn profits, despite statements to the contrary.
So contrary to many people's beliefs, advertising does influence them.
Contrary to popular opinion, the pace of technological innovation has been quite slow, as evidenced by the data.
On the contrary, for a long time it was seen only as a way to carry people.
He wants to do so despite good evidence to the contrary.
In that state, they are more likely to consider the merits of an argument that runs contrary to their cultural predispositions.
Contrary to whatever that pot-head down the block says, weed isn't exactly good for one's brain.
Quite the contrary-they are symptoms of our inclination to play it safe.
On the contrary, the prevailing view was that people ought to be left to look after their own affairs.
On the contrary, it had forced them to labor harder than ever.
On the contrary, he regarded them as worthy adversaries.
Predictably enough, those who knew me on a personal basis offered contrary advice to that given to me by faculty members.
They found that, contrary to previous evidence, muscle cells at the amputation site only become muscle cells in the new limb.
Moreover, contrary to popular opinion, heart disease is not an easy way to go.
To top it off they dismiss any contrary opinions as originating from conspirators or their dupes.
Contrary to popular misconception, hydrogen fuel cells are not a new technology.
On the contrary, they are one the biggest tourist destinations in the world, and one of the biggest food exporters as well.
On the contrary, it ensures protection for all types of data and communications.
But on the contrary, they don't have to know that at all.
Contrary to accepted wisdom, motion does require a constant cause.
Contrary to our negative author great article by the way.
The contrary happens with a counterclockwise turning.
The fact that she never missed anything was to her no proof to the contrary.
We want them to take contrary positions to the market, and to put their money behind those positions.
On the contrary, he was exquisitely attuned to the feelings and emotions of others.
Maybe, but it would have been contrary to his character and his approach to governing.
All protestations to the contrary, he is on top of everything, a posture that mutes the play's dark humor.
To the contrary, the risk guys told us it was a low-risk business.
Inevitably, he attracted contrary myths designed to shrivel his looming outline.
And contrary to popular belief, it's not friction that heats the air, but compression.
Quite the contrary, it is highly debatable whether anybody has that type of memory or not.
Absent evidence to the contrary, scientists will look for life where there's liquid water.
Contrary to the show, the goal is not extremely obedient killers.
The long journey, contrary to expectations, may actually end up conserving energy.
Despite cries to the contrary, about every spot that needs a bridge has a bridge.
But contrary to conventional wisdom, high hormone levels don't necessarily translate into severe morning sickness.
Contrary to popular opinion, early computing was more of a seat-of-the-pants exploration of ideas than a precision science.
The heat spots implied that, contrary to what people had thought, the vibrissal crypts are fuelled by a strong supply of blood.
Astronomers have never said all debris is burned up contrary to what you claim.
The confirmation bias, which makes us so good at seeing evidence to support our views, also leads us to ignore contrary evidence.
Faith is believing in yourself in spite of all evidence to the contrary.
We really don't know despite claims to the contrary.
On the contrary, if anything his errors went in the other direction.
Quite the contrary-the study's results would indicate that they've been effective.
Contrary to popular imagery, the asteroid belt is mostly empty.
Contrary to astrological myth, the moon cannot coax bodily fluids to migrate.
But their celebrity is no measure of defense when it comes to vicious breakups-on the contrary.
On the contrary, lower wages and incomes would simply reduce demand, weakening the economy further.
It may be the ultimate fantasy, his continuing, contrary belief in newspapers.
The contrary proved to be the case, and for two main reasons.
But the moment you had ideas that were contrary, he was not quite as interested.
On the contrary, the lines outside the theaters are to buy tickets.
On the contrary, airs of vacuity and incompetence are deliberately affected.
B ut for all her protestations to the contrary, the business is too deep in her bones for her to shrug it off entirely.
On the contrary, surviving families can now exchange horror stories about the treatment that compounded their grief.
Reality is so rich that way, contrary to fiction in film, which is really limiting towards imagination.
Appearances to the contrary, he was the exact opposite of a rebel.
To the contrary, it probably cut a budding recovery short.
The myths and legends are not only those that still romanticize the old plantation but also the contrary ones that demonize it.
When it comes to divorce, that view runs contrary to the evidence.
Such orders would once have been considered contrary to the army's code of ethics.
They acknowledge more contrary arguments, and even occasionally express doubt.
Contrary to previously well-entrenched beliefs, the right hemisphere is the dominant hemisphere at early stages of life.
Its approach is not narrow, but on the contrary, full of judicious insight and historical perspective.
Contrary to popular belief, the outskirts are not where the world ends-they are precisely where it begins to unfurl.
On the contrary, the record of more than a century of our free exercise jurisprudence contradicts that proposition.
The whole concept of intentional fouls as strategy to me runs contrary to the logic of all other sports.
On the contrary, his goal has been to restore both firms to health and then get out as quickly as possible.
Despite anything you may have heard to the contrary, whale meat does not taste good.
On the contrary, he's betting that there's almost no limit to what people will share and to how his company can benefit from it.
In fact, quite to the contrary, studies indicate that children start learning from the day they are born.
That's certainly contrary to the popular public perception.
Contrary to what many people believe, fossil fuels are not the remains of dead dinosaurs.
On the contrary, they can dramatically lower the price that consumers pay for brokerage services.
These loans were not disclosed to shareholders, contrary to the requirements of the federal securities laws.

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