contrapuntal in a sentence

Example sentences for contrapuntal

From there the conversation continues in masterful contrapuntal style.
Here the first movement is revealed as a luminous wonder of contrapuntal writing.
The machines began writing contrapuntal patterns in the air, an electronic canon for two raging voices.
On cue, they squat, then hop up and down in contrapuntal rhythm.
Bill said he had already been leaning in that direction, trying to open up these contrapuntal ways of approaching it.
When it was first heard, many did not care for the twisting, contrapuntal sound.
Yet another, contrapuntal litany can now be perceived.
As is often the case, there is a contrapuntal theme in the case law.
He added to it a set of magnificently complex canons and a trio sonata and elaborated upon the other contrapuntal movements.
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