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He remained convinced that the fellow with the device measuring such things didn't really know how the contraption worked.
The contraption could conceivably help provide power to soldiers, relief workers, scientists and others on remote trips.
Members of the third group, lacking an expert to guide them, failed to figure out the contraption on their own.
Those are theoretical figures for the time being because the contraption hasn't flown too far yet.
Down below, the little park's slide, seesaw and climbing contraption draw tiny tots toward their first taste of adventure.
Mounting the throwing arm on tube, instead of a short one took a lot of wiggle out of the contraption.
And if he runs out of bullets, he has a big knife strapped to the contraption with duct tape.
The wax is not strong enough to hold the candle and your contraption will collapse.
Work out some sort of double boiler, two-pot contraption and fill the big pot with water, heat until boiling.
The whole contraption works faster than one might imagine.
It cannot be said that they've brought the old theatrical contraption to life.
The contraption is fitted with a series of circular, diamond-infused pulverizers, which it lowers onto a nearby rock surface.
Mike also competed, building his own contraption which had a much smaller fail rate.
We now have this great little countertop contraption and a lot less plastic to recycle.
The entire contraption was hung above and behind the door using elastic and rigged to swing down when the door was opened.
We may still do so in the future, as new theoretical and experimental insights on this marvelous contraption become available.
Gyroscopes and servos will monitor the pulse jets, and he'll use small rockets in the nose of his contraption for steering.
It was some kind of vinegary salad contraption of some sort.
Beside it, on a wooden pallet, was a strange metal contraption about five feet high.
The duo is using a sausage-making contraption to shape the bottles into a teardrop shape.
The human body is a complicated contraption of organs, systems, and a whole lot of blood.
As this diagram shows, the contraption is more of a costume than a vehicle-complete with wagging tail for propulsion.
People turned to mechanically produced ice-and this new contraption, the refrigerator.
Logan and his team have discovered how to tap into this unorthodox energy source using a fairly simple contraption.
Armed with such a cunning contraption, this tiny ant becomes seriously deadly.
It could be adjusted, allowing children up to the age of five to use the contraption.
We watch his hinge-heeled ethical contraption flap in the breeze of fundraising and personal finance.
Pretty odd contraption on what seemed to me could basically be a featureless stick with a hole in the end.
Behind the team, a contraption is weighted with big cinder blocks which are pulled in hitches.
The overladen tea-wagon is really an ingenious contraption he invented.
He pulled a mangled contraption off a shelf and blew dust from it.
Her contraption is a kind of two-way video hookup with a robotic pen arm.
When the lighthouse mirror contraption is set at this designated angle, he sees in it a vision of his childhood house.
Enter the stomach stimulator, a contraption touted as relatively simple to implant and run.
If somebody invented a contraption that could do this, it would be regarded as a miracle.
What matters is that the plot makes internal sense as an elaborate self-enclosed contraption.
It's that bulky, loud, dead contraption in your living room.
Sounds cool, until you actually hear the audio quality this contraption musters.
In the testing lab, a mad-science contraption pumps rainbows of liquid through dozens of clear tubes into shiny steel canisters.
Right now their contraption merely displays a lump as a wire-mesh graphic on a video screen.
Many years ago my father prevented one of our neighbours to jump of a building to fly a delta shaped contraption he had build.
Stuff the contraption with a half a mile of cabling, six hydraulic motors and a dozen truck batteries.
Computers and many newer electronics have a built-in converter, though, so for these you will not need an external contraption.
The contraption, she said, would tell the driver of the early car when to turn.
So far, so good, but they failed to find a means of making the contraption travel.
Poor arrows shot from the fanciest super-duper wheeled contraption will result in poor accuracy, period.

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