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Example sentences for contradict

The doubts of the ignorant have no power whatsoever to contradict the direct experience of those who know.
The findings contradict current models of yeast growth.
The data is messy, and the studies often contradict each other.
The results don't contradict the basic physics of crashes.
She stops, glancing around apprehensively, as if someone might contradict her.
Unfortunately, his discoveries-relativity and quantum theory-contradict one another.
In fact, the two arguments do not contradict each other.
They do not even publish your treatises if you contradict these theories.
It will be all of one cloth and not contradict itself.
The biochemical interactions directly contradict a random evolutionary process.
It is not possible to believe in them all as they tend to contradict each other.
Yet many key facts seem to contradict both interpretations.
So a sensible interpretation of genetic studies would in no way contradict linguistic and archaeological evidence.
It works on the basis that category combinations that contradict our own biases should subtly slow our reaction times.
Nevertheless, the report does contradict what has emerged as a kind of mantra in the industry and in the government.
Though it does contradict many philosophical constructs, no matter.
They cannot both be right because they contradict each other.
No support, and unable even to contradict the explanation proposed.
These two paragraphs, while both true in their own way, contradict each other.
The second proposition does not contradict the first, because some things get much better.
Many prove wrong, contradict each other or remain unconfirmed.

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