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Hire a solar contractor to help you make a final choice and perform the installation.
Talk to a solar contractor about costs and technical specifications for installing removable solar panels.
Labor is a cost factor as well if you hire out the work to a contractor.
The homeowners did much of the work themselves but had a contractor build the deck.
We know a few good handymen, so they may be able to point us in the right direction or even serve as a contractor.
It fired a contractor halfway through the job when the building was past due.
Maybe the new contractor is less reliable, or has poor quality equipment, or is a bad match in some other way.
The ethic makeup of the contractor's workforce is dependant on the available labor pool.
No foreign contractor would be crazy enough to take that chance.
Last week, a roofing contractor began installing a new roof.
In addition the grant requires use of an approved contractor.
Whether or not the employee is better or worse off depends on how much he is paid as a contractor.
Had that been the contractor's liability, no matter.
The private contractor will always have to be closely regulated over such matters as price, quality and service delivery.
Now he claims to earn his living as a private security contractor.
No defence contractor can survive by pinning all its hopes on only one or two weapons programmes.
Sacking a contractor can mean that factories grind to a halt, bills languish unpaid and chaos mounts.
Working as an independent contractor makes that more explicit.
Absolutely, but in this process you drive out the good contractor and keep the bad ones working.
But having been a military contractor himself, he also understood the fear that goes with wearing a bull's eye.
He went to work for a building contractor and learned the trade mostly by watching other carpenters.
Eventually, however, defense contractor lobbyists have generally learned how to get around them or have them rescinded.
Of course, there's a difference between a program manager's connections to a prospective contractor and the director's ties.
There is little enough for me to do when the contractor is working and now there is nothing at all.
Generally, a indictment would eliminate a contractor from consideration.
As you've stated many times with the manned space program, it might be the right point to bring in a private contractor.
Expensive defense-contractor-made heavy lift vehicles will never make space travel commonplace.
Dozens are suing the giant military contractor, on the taxpayers' behalf.
He sold the gas stations, bought up several adjoining parcels, and hired a contractor.
How to protect yourself when hiring a contractor, electrician or plumber.
Contractor licensing, quality control and oversight.
Always take the time to evaluate the contractor who may be doing the job.
Use this search feature to obtain contractor licensing information.

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