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It was the body, the uterus, and the contraction--as if these things weren't a part of us.
It travels inside the frame of the muon and so the length contraction of the rod in the sea level does not make any difference.
They're more likely to see a contraction that could come in the form of austerity, layoffs, or reining in of capital investments.
It prevents the regurgitation of blood into the sinus during the contraction of the atrium.
Actions-The simultaneous contraction of the two muscles serves to fix the central tendinous point of the perineum.
From the narrow limitation of time necessarily arises the contraction of place.
When exercise begins, the heart's rate and strength of contraction increases and blood is quickly pumped into the arteries.
Eccentric muscle contraction and other musculoskeletal injuries can contribute to the problem.
Researchers were studying the receptors on smooth lung muscles that regulate contraction and relaxation of the airways.
It was the expanding and contraction of the shells that gave off radiation or absorbed it.
The third likely died of tuberculosis, for which inbreeding increases the contraction risk.
Unfortunately, the sudden contraction of the general economy has reduced opportunities in the private sector.
Chief among those is a significant contraction in consumption.
First there is a period of expansion, and then follows a period of criticism and contraction.
Bubbles always involve the expansion and contraction of credit and they tend to have catastrophic consequences.
It has so far avoided the outright contraction that typically marks a recession.
The heart tries to make up for the problem by sending out larger amounts of blood with each heart contraction.
Digitalis may be prescribed to increase the muscle contraction of the heart and help prevent hospitalization.
Growth too weak to generate net employment increases isn't meaningfully better than slow contraction.
Several argued against rapid fiscal contraction, since loose fiscal policy had fewer knock-on effects than loose monetary policy.
All financial-market signs now point to a return to economic contraction.
Without that, however, the periphery faces years of grinding contraction and painful reductions in real wages.
It promised expansionary contraction and that hasn't happened.
Now the region is undergoing an equally remarkable contraction.
But this collectively huge fiscal contraction is self-defeating.
The effects of the stimulus are wearing off, so fiscal policy now veers towards contraction.
One involves high unemployment, economic contraction, and wage and price deflation stretching out for many years.
We have continued credit contraction, rising unemployment and a stagnant economy.

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