contraceptive in a sentence

Example sentences for contraceptive

The syringe contains an experimental contraceptive drug.
And there is no satisfying consensus about the mechanism by which the contraceptive encourages infection.
As she weeps, she holds a vial under her eyes to capture the fresh cheap and natural contraceptive.
The contraceptive produces hormonal cues indicating early pregnancy, not an enticing target for a would-be suitor.
And-this being the point to keep your eye on-economic development is the best contraceptive.
Buck says he is pro-life, but doesn't support banning common contraceptive methods.
In fact, some doctors describe it as a nearly ideal contraceptive.
Clinic-focused programs provide easier access to information, counseling by health care providers, and contraceptive services.
So it seeks to oppose contraceptive education and devices throughout the world.

Famous quotes containing the word contraceptive

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