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The college prohibits the distribution of contraception on the campus.
They are more open to contraception and more likely to understand their options.
Health care must be guaranteed as a right, not a commodity, and include reproductive health care and contraception.
Active methods include contraception and translocation-trucking surplus elephants out of overpopulated areas.
Biotech companies are rapidly making advances in genetics, but contraception technology hasn't changed much in decades.
Implant contraception involves inserting a rod under the skin.
But so is birth in a hospital, not to mention contraception.
Government clinics provide artificial contraception to those who want it, much to the irritation of the bishops.
Critics say that his stance toward emergency contraception has also shifted.
The solution is clear, all food aid should be laced with contraception.
One thing that has helped to make this possible is readily available contraception.
Emergency contraception is a crucial tool in the fight against unintended pregnancy.
Nor is the point that parents everywhere should not have access to contraception and family planning education.
Suppose the powers-that-be decided that information about contraception should be censored.
The population explosion needs a free and easy form of contraception and this could be it.
One side thinks that whether you get contraception in your health plan should be up to your employer.
The other side thinks that whether you get contraception in your health plan should be up to you.
Lack of contraception is no doubt one cause, but it is by no means the only cause.

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