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Example sentences for contour

Snap on an elevation layer-contour lines-and the landscape jumps into relief.
There is no marked change as far as the general contour is concerned.
In neither the left nor right eye image is there any recognizable contour or form-at all.
In addition to cleaning the skin, she aims to firm and contour the jaw, cheekbones and eye area.
Here is a statistical explanation of contour grouping.
Contour is a futuristic camera system that will add photorealistic three-dimensional effects to digital entertainment.
The charcoal contour line is firm yet supple, the shading tender.
Principally, dancers talk of line as the two-dimensional contour that their three-dimensional bodies describe.
Shape the laminate precisely to the contour of the scribed line.
Complete recovery can be expected, with the scalp regaining its normal contour.
The blanket was half off the bed and a corner of the contour sheet had popped off the mattress.
The progressive contour of the tax code would mostly stay in place.
He's got this huge public-relations train behind him-they're able to contour public opinion any way they want.
Its sleek and slender contour be- stows added distinction on this elegant cigar.
After more than a year of trying, the team combined a toughened bead material with a new bead contour that solved the problem.
On the pipe's contour, the emperor's name appeared in elevated letters.
To navigate it, you need a map with elevations, contour lines and reference grids.
Not only the specific hex pattern, but the extra lumpiness at the top left, the contour on the lower right.
Your surgeon may approach the areas to be treated from several different directions in order to get the best contour.
Symptoms of the condition include redness, slight swelling, bleeding during brushing and alteration of the gum contour.
Much rarer is the notion that a film can address the subtleties of emotion, that it can have curve and contour, beauty and heart.
Experimental validations and verifications of the contour method for measuring residual stress.

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