contortionist in a sentence

Example sentences for contortionist

Spinners need a contortionist's fingers, not the athleticism of a fast bowler, which is why it has thrown up some unlikely heroes.
The bathrooms were so small you had to be a contortionist to sit on the toilet.
Clearing the bar is accomplished by contortionist moves to go over the bar higher than the cg ever gets.
And not even my sister's subsequent marriage to a rather talented contortionist has managed to blot that occasion from my memory.
One night, you might be served by a former contortionist, the next by a graduate student in clinical psychology.
The still head of a contortionist stares at you as the rest of her charismatic body goes for a walk.
Take the caterpillar--it can squirm and crawl in ways that would make a contortionist green with envy.
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