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We continuously strive to enhance the learning environment on campus.
Relentless pessimism about the economy has driven down yields almost continuously ever since.
The solar wind is a stream of charged particles continuously ejected from the sun.
The outer edge of its mantle continuously adds new shell at this opening.
Computers and other electronic devices that display text use power continuously.
The white and yellow forms flower almost continuously.
If there is one thing to say about my own to-do lists, it is continuously expanding.
Slowly drizzle cornstarch mixture into the saucepan, whisking continuously.
Demonstrates initiative and the ability to continuously learn new material quickly and independently.
Under various leaders, they have ruled continuously for almost four decades.
Modern birds continuously replace old feathers with new ones.
Individual flowers last only a day, but the plant blooms continuously.
It could filter-feed only occasionally, or it could feed continuously but slow down.
Instead, balance is a continuously changing process.
The learning from those experiments is fed back into production and the system continuously improves.
Most tadpoles are suspension feeders, filtering out tiny particles while continuously pumping water.
Light rose to chartreuse new leaves, produced almost continuously.
Continuously variable transmission components, which could let cars accelerate without shifting gears.
The theater, which is believed to be the oldest continuously.
Twenty-two tons of special onboard instruments continuously beamed performance data to computers on the ground.
At the same time, other rats breathed continuously in a low-oxygen atmosphere that replicated conditions in mountainous areas.
The structure, the state's oldest continuously operating lighthouse, had something melancholy about it.
While nobody likes to be watched in the bathroom, the thought of being continuously monitored seems even more unsettling.
With a fidelity unusual at any age she recorded her movements and thoughts nearly every day continuously for sixty-eight years.
Boil milk, butter, and salt in a saucepan while stirring continuously.
Water vapor tends to become super cooled since water vapor molecules rise continuously in air.
Light rose to chartreuse new leaves, produced almost continuously add to my plant list.
One of the delights of writing in pen is that you can write continuously without having to stop to sharpen your stylus.
The solution is to put many small systems together and to operate them continuously.
The biologist used two large-format digital cameras that continuously download images to laptop computers.
Sure, you could continuously tweak a skill, but that effort is at the expense of other possible efforts.
It also needs to run continuously through an intravenous tube.
But there is no air resistance in the vacuum of space, and the sun shines continuously.
Energetic protons from deep space continuously bombard our planet and strike atoms in the upper layers of the atmosphere.
They are sources of gamma rays but, unlike gamma-ray bursts, they shine continuously.
Continuously listen for bulletins about the storm's progress on the radio.
The flywheel is driven through a continuously variable transmission in the rear wheel.
It was the only technological tool widely and continuously used for over three centuries.
Yet during two centuries of huge technological progress, employment has risen almost continuously.
With no clouds and no nighttime, a space-based solar power station could operate continuously.
Therefore, for dust to be present it must be replenished continuously.
Each satellite continuously broadcasts a signal that gives its position and the time.
During this time, the patient lives and sleeps in the hospital ward, and the signals from the wires are monitored continuously.
The data sent back helped establish that solar winds stream continuously in interplanetary space.
These days, though, the quality of the nickel alloys has improved so that the torches work continuously.
The light continuously changed, painting the mosques and the clay-tiled roofs in shades ranging from drab to glorious.
But unlike a dust devil, this vortex doesn't die out because it is driven continuously by the shower.
Continuously these leaders loose popular appeal from their own countries.
Since then, the dune has been continuously maintained.
Its interesting that our population is continuously growing without an hint of slowing down.
If my forecasts continuously showed straight-line forecasts it wouldn't fly for a minute.
These hummingbirds fought continuously over the feeder.
Clotting is a normal response to injury, and the body is continuously forming and removing clots that cause no obvious harm.
The ions, which continuously stream from the sun's surface, are called the solar wind.
Tusks are modified incisors that grow continuously in layers throughout an animal's life.
While conventional oil or gas finds are in limited pockets, the shale gas is locked in rock continuously throughout the formation.
The well for about five hours flowed continuously over the top of the derricks.
There is usually a choice for paginating each section separately or continuously.
The camera then runs continuously and buffers up to five hours of video.
In a continuously expanding universe, its temperature would eventually reach absolute zero.
Its truck is equipped to monitor signals continuously from chips hidden in each case.
Even something as seemingly mundane as format must be continuously modified if it is to remain in the ascendant.
And while it is the oldest continuously operating state fair in the nation, it is not the oldest.
Another reason why new life can't continuously arise is that the present life is so aggressive to other life.
The artists continuously check their work against photographs to ensure that freckles, moles, and wrinkles are accurately placed.
The result is a continuously growing set of local collapses-in other words, a growing set of universes.
But that does not mean the volcano produced fine ash continuously.
Experts say the only way to cure alcoholism is to drink a whole lot of alcohol continuously.
Such a system would continuously spread itself and thicken, expanding by its own internal logic.
Objects in orbit are catalogued periodically rather than tracked continuously.
Every night she slept in my bed and throughout the day she would continuously follow me around.
It makes me avaricious and selfish by continuously reminding me of my debt.
Some days he would come down early and be continuously busy.
These tiny objects she was compelled to lick continuously.
The songs set small, compact melodies against a steady hip-hop beat, and everyone played simultaneously and continuously.
Products will be tracked continuously, from factory floor to checkout aisle.
The university focuses on continuously enhancing its technology tools to benefit staff and students.
Skilled writers profit from a continuously looping, subliminal soundtrack of all the sentences they've ever read.
At the extreme end, some patients may experience only one episode and others suffer continuously.
Low-flow oxygen can be used during exertion, continuously, or at night.
The responsive antilock brakes lack the mushiness found in other hybrids, and the continuously variable transmission is smooth.
It's seamless, as is the electronic continuously variable transmission.
Unfortunately, in development it is rare that all of the moving parts continuously integrate and run seamlessly.
Demands on it grew continuously, and theories of what it might capably do expanded to meet those demands.
As is often the case with such shelters, it was not occupied continuously.
Nor can they make it robust enough to work continuously, year in and year out, under the full glare of the sun.
Once in operation, the machines run continuously, stopping only for maintenance and the occasional breakdown.
Historically, total bank credit grows almost continuously, even during recessions.
But it needs political capital to flow from the top continuously.
If so, the government should run chronic deficits, adding continuously to the national debt.
But for those who needed a pacemaker continuously, something portable was needed.
Interesting, considering hybrids usually use a continuously variable transmission.
These mysterious organisms do not need to be harvested and processed but instead continuously secrete the fuels.
Coming up with fresh new gene combinations should allow organisms to outsmart parasites, which are also continuously evolving.
Momentum generated by photons, could cause the solar craft to accelerate continuously, eventually up to unprecedented speeds.
The rats continuously press the bar, to the exclusion of food and water, until they drop.
CU was measured continuously, versus categorically, to increase the power of the study.
To dismiss how these cycles continuously repeat themselves is to be oblivious to cyclic patterns.
Economic, social, and therefore spatial relationships change continuously.
Chronic poisonings-when toxins are fed slowly, continuously-are easier to misdiagnose.
He noticed that in winter, the water taps were usually kept fully open so the water would run continuously and not freeze.
Explain to students that they should write continuously about anything that comes to mind about the topic.
It simply records all the time, storing hours of footage and continuously replacing the oldest footage with the newest footage.
The mind acts more promptly and more continuously under its use.
Heat slowly on the stove, using a spoon to continuously mix the chocolate until it is completely melted.
Its continuously escalating success began to give credence again to the idea of an ordered, explainable universe.
To ensure even roasting, keep the coffee moving by gently, continuously shaking the pan.
At one performance he continuously flips off an audience member.
Instead he has resorted to continuously rotating advisers, which some say is a sign of indecisiveness and panic.
The police then formed small detachments which continuously swept across the campus, breaking up groups of all sizes.
Our brain continuously constructs our sense of self using information from our eyes, skin and joints.
What the brain knows about the body is indeed being rebuilt continuously using perceptual information.
Unlike many modern reptiles, it didn't grow continuously throughout its life.
The rover will explore for three months, operate continuously during the lunar days, and hibernate through the lunar nights.
As it hunted, the animal continuously blew bubbles from its nose, which it quickly re-inhaled.
Once the pilot primes the motors, they can suck fuel from the tank continuously.
Matter is being created and destroyed in its own time and space continuously.
Disregarding drag from the interstellar medium, the ship could accelerate continuously the whole trip.
Whales, dolphins and several birds can send each half of their brain to sleep in shifts, so that they can stay continuously awake.
They generally died at far higher rates and reproduced a lot less than local peasants and so had to be continuously imported.
Making it simple also allows you to continuously update it.
Lighter gases, including water vapor, are continuously blown away by the solar wind through the induced magnetotail.
But they are continuously absorbed by cosmic debris-stars, gas clouds, and such-as they roam the universe.
The beauty of the system was that it could track great whites continuously, day and night, without a human at the controls.
In other words, they are addictive in the same way empty stimulation is continuously sought out, as in a pleasant sensation.
Even when there is no magnetic resonance signal, the cantilever will be continuously vibrating in a noisy sort of way.
If you can solve that problem once, then the organic molecule will work continuously.
But they don't have stomachs for storing food in the short term and hence must eat almost continuously.
Instead of growing one set of adult teeth, these creatures replace their teeth continuously.
It will be used to try out variations on the company's technology and is designed to run continuously.
It is lightweight and small enough to fit into a patient's pocket, so exposure levels can be continuously monitored.
Producing the hydrates requires mixing natural gas with water in a continuously stirred tank reactor.
However, with continuously rising fuel prices around the world, many attempts are being made for improving engine efficiency.
Each cell continuously records the amount of small energy particles being deposited.
And running the transmitter continuously wastes energy, even when a portion is being harvested.
Malaria is endemic to many parts of the world, and it is difficult and expensive to continuously treat the disease.
Not so for a capacitor, it's voltage continuously decreases as it is discharged.
Information flows in continuously, through fiber-optic channels and by satellite.
Accelerator beam position is continuously corrected.
In order for the whole thing to work, a current must run continuously through the sensor.
Unit operations stressed gearing the entire production cycle to a single speed and allowing it to run continuously.
He has a revolving door program that continuously brings in other specialists.
According to them, the tunnel has been continuously under construction and is now more than a mile long.

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